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Monday, January 31, 2005

January 30

I decided to leave the Diana post there for your enjoyment, for a while. But time's up for dear ole Di...again. On to the next quixotic blog entry!

Do you realise what a famous day is 30 January? It's part of 364 other days (365 on leap years), like any other, and yet, it's a date which pops up all too often in history -- memorable, goosepimply, and heroic all in one 24-hour span.

Here then is a list about the famous 30 Januarys of the past:

1649 - King Charles I of England was beheaded.
1835 - Shots fired in the US House of Representatives.
1889 - Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria commits suicide, after murdering his teenage maîtresse, Baroness Mary Vetsera.
1933 - Adolf Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany.
1948 - Gandhi was assassinated.
1968 - North Vietnamese forces launched attacks against the South Vietnamese, beginning the Tet offensive.
1969 - Beatles last public appearance.
1972 - British troops opened fire on civil rights marchers in Northern Ireland, sparking the "Bloody Sunday" massacre.
1979 - The Iranian civilian government announced that the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini would be allowed to return.
2005 - The cradle of Western civilisation, where the Tigris and the Euphrates meet in the most fertile of crescents, Iraq, had its citizens vote in their first democratic, no-strings-attached national election EVER. Well played, Iraq, well played.

Purple ink never looked so good

Finally, famous birthdays on 30/01 include Franklin Roosevelt, Vanessa Redgrave, Gene Hackman and Boris Spassky.

January 30. It's historic.


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