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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Voluntários, Part Deux

I am just the tiniest bit unjaded enough to be happy that my blog has spawned itself on the 'net.

Namely, the lovely folks of "Voluntarios Pub" have contacted me with their sweet thanks for writing them up in my weblog -- Euding Maeshiro, the "guru" of the Life Symphony project especially. They've even put the 24th January entry on THEIR site.

-- Now I know how happy JSU felt when the New York Times cited his opera blog! How I love teasing that lad. --

And for those of you around the world who are Peru-bound, I'll personally feel aggrieved if you don't make the Voluntarios Pub your first port-of-call in Lima. Come on now, you can see St. Rose of Lima and feel Pizarro's skull any ole day!

Their address is:

Independencia 130 Miraflores. Frente al Double Tree Pardo Hotel.

Ooh, Miraflores. What Mayfair is to London, Miraflores is to Lima. And I see the Double Tree gang have planted there too. Is there no city they will leave unfertilised?

Here's the gang at the pub, which I found via "La Republica":

The Gang at Voluntarios Pub

That's the charismatic Euding to the right, hunks aplenty all around, with smiles looking like a million bucks -- even though their hearts are worth immeasurably more.

Good luck, guys!


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