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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Harvey Nicks Maternity Ward

I've always wondered how urban legends get born, haven't you?

It seems expectant mothers in Edinburgh have been told at their OB-GYN surgery that they will be given £500 if their waters break whilst shopping at Harvey Nichols, the department store of choice for every Sloaney and green-wellie crowd wannabe.

As we speak, there are dozens of mothers heavy with child loitering around the Harvey Nicks lobby, trying to induce labour by looking at this '70s Pucci Farfala silk dress, making a mini-comeback these days.

It's a snip at 1250 dollars

Dear God.

Did anyone ever look good in this...that is, other than my mother and Diane von Fürstenberg?

Let's just hope these mums stick to their computers and shop online at Net-A-Porter.

You just don't want to chance a C-section whilst trying on some Jimmy Choos.


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