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Monday, October 31, 2005

Tricks or Treats

One of the saddest by-products of Hurricane Wilma, for those of us in South Florida at least, has to be that Halloween has been cancelled.

Okay, not cancelled outright. But it's definitely not the same as in years' past.

Because over 6 million people were affected the week before Halloween, a lot of wacky office parties won't take place, as people mill back to work in trickles, soberly dressed no doubt.

A lot of invites to Halloween parties in people's homes also won't take place, as folks still uncover themselves from the mess the storm left behind.

But worst of all, the kids won't be enjoying this Halloween.

There's still a midnight curfew in all of Miami-Dade County, and it's even earlier in Broward.

Most businesses are therefore closing at 6 PM EDT, which means most people have about 1 hour to get home from work, if they can, before heading out to party with their kids. It's just not feasible.

So many Haunted Houses were cancelled here, inluding the really cute one at the Metro-Zoo in the Country Walk neighbourhood, now a National Guard POD, who give out ice, water, and food to the affected populace.

Poor kiddies.

And loving Halloween as much as I do, it's hit me hard too, though fortunately, I was able to take out some great scary DVDs to keep me creeped out for tonight.

But other people aren't roughing it at all. Oh no!

They're having a whale of a time with their ghoulish costumes, and their cocktail party circuits of Halloween fests.

Here are some of the costumes I've found, which are a heck of a lot more inventive than my famous pregnant nun outfit.

(It wasn't so funny when I saw my parish priest was at the same party...)

You'd be surprised at the famous people who took time out to let it all hang out this 31 October.

It's...Judith Miller!

Come on. You have to admit that's really well done even though the blogger who linked to his friend's photos said no one knew who Judith Miller was.

By the way, the guy next to her is listed as "Ben, the French skeleton". WTF?

It's...Bob Dylan!

Minimalist. But yet oh so recognisable. That's a smart costume.

It's...Katie Holmes!

This costume isn't remotely like Katie Holmes. But the reason I put it here, is that the caption to go alongside is genius:

"Preggers Katie Holmes fighting her inner thetans"

Any costume which makes fun of Scientology, is the costume for me.

It's...Donatella Versace!

I laughed and laughed, and laughed, almost as much as when I saw that Paris Hilton-SNL skit where she met up with the Italian fashion diva skiing on the slopes in St. Moritz, desperately hanging unto her chihuahua, Donatella Verpucci.

It's...Cyndi Lauper!

Or Courtney Love, I haven't decided which yet.

Mind you, the guy next to her has Orson Welles dead to rights.

ADDENDUM: If you find more Halloween costumes like these, post them. I'll update it here. Happy Halloween!


  • I have always enjoyed Holloween both as a kid and as an adult! Wilma put a dent in this year's celebration but I am sure we will be back stronger than ever for next year!

    If I needed any new reason to like Halloween, I recently read that Hugo Chavez was against that very American tradition!

    By Blogger Jose Aguirre, at Mon Oct 31, 07:51:00 pm GMT-5  

  • Which one are you? Or where is the one of you?

    By Blogger Paul, at Mon Oct 31, 08:39:00 pm GMT-5  

  • Wow, Miamians party late! The kids here stop going around by 8 pm. Most of the little ones by 7 pm. Now it is colder but no is out anywhere near midnight unless they're at a formal party.

    I loved Halloween too, well except for my next door neighbour who used to give us peanuts.

    "What did you get?" "Peanuts"
    "No, what did you get?" "Peanuts"
    "You got nothing?" "No, peanuts"

    By Blogger Renato, at Mon Oct 31, 08:40:00 pm GMT-5  

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