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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Summer Of Hate, Spring Of Protest

The University of Miami community are today involved in the latest trend all over the Western World -- protests.

But let's back up a bit.

Do you remember the Summer of 2005? How could you not. It was AWFUL.

Just thinking of that summer, depresses me anew.

This was the summer MSM decided they were not standing idly by, but actively trying to help to bury their arch-nemesis, the Bush Administration.

  • The Cindy Sheehan Hate Circus came to town, hoping to corral President Bush during his summer holidays in Crawford...again.

  • Following the death of the charismatic Pope John Paul II, the lingering bad taste towards the "conservative" Pope Benedict XVI still resonated. The World Youth Day in Cologne was minimally covered by cable MSM in the US, almost as if to re-emphasise the media's disdain for this latest ideological defeat.

  • Katrina -- MSM's "Finest" Hour.

  • And then there were these events:

  • The Live-8 Concert which tried to help Africans by raising awareness of their economic and social woes, but all the while, allowing the usual umbrella of groups to once again vent their grievances on familiar topics

  • The anti-G-8 protests in Scotland

  • The tragedy of London Underground bombings, and subsequent manhunts for the perpetruators.

  • The death of Jean-Charles Menezes, the Brazilian shot by mistake by London police

  • The ongoing Parisian and French riots, by disaffected urban youth. Thousands of cars were torched, and the protests continue to this day.

    I'm sure I've missed many other events, which made the Summer of 2005 just one media frenzied spillage of bile, after the other.

  • 2005 wasn't exactly 1968, but it was a harbinger for perhaps, more protest, more strife, more hatred to come.

    This young spring, we already have a series of events which are fast becoming a pattern:

    Everywhere, people are re-discovering the art of the strike as protest.

    In California, almost a million strong piled into the streets all around the state, to protest the proposed tougher immigration laws, which like it or not, are coming.

    First teachers, and then students, have walked out of classrooms, in cat-strikes which may wreck havoc with the school year, amongst many things.

    In France, current Prime Minister and ex-Foreign Minister, Dominique de Villepin, might have overplayed his hand this winter, by furtively passing a law which gives more leeway to employers, in job contracts, and firing personnel.

    This has escalated these past two weeks, into a series of national strikes, and more continued rampage on the streets of Paris.

    In London, continued protest marches by anti-US policy in Iraq groups, have grown from peaceful carnival-like affairs, to those brandishing posters asking for heads to be cut off, in retaliation for the Mohammed cartoons published in a Danish newspaper.

    But now, the protests have struck closer to home.

    Some students at the University of Miami, have decided to strike in solidarity with the ongoing strike by the janitors, who are protesting their lack of health coverage, and adequate compensation.

    They also wish to unionise themselves, which is being met by the private University, with a gravyboat of silence.

    They are at loggerheads with University President, Donna Shalala, who it should be remembered, was President Clinton's Secretary of Health and Human Services, and a lifelong progressive Democrat.

    It's intersting that recently, the New York Times Magazine had a magnificent article about her new 9,000 sq ft home, where she boasted her dog had access to 4 beds to lie in.

    She was shown, bathed in smiles, living the life of Riley, courtesy of the position she holds at the University.

    On Tuesday, she held many meetings trying to ameliorate the situation.

    However, she was adamant about one aspect of the student strike.

    ''They have a right to protest, but not a right to interrupt the business of the university,'' she said.

    And that's not all. According to the Miami Herald article:

    By midafternoon the air-conditioning in the admissions office had been shut off, students said, adding they were denied use of bathrooms and access to drinking water.

    Earlier in the day, 17 union sympathizers were arrested for blocking traffic on U.S. 1 near the university, a Coral Gables Police Department spokesman said.

    The student sit-in began around noon Tuesday. The building was quickly closed off, so dozens of those same union supporters, clad in the purple shirts of the SEIU, shouted their support outside.

    ''Escucha, Unicco, (Listen, Unicco),'' they shouted. ``Estamos en la lucha (We're in the fight).''

    Listen, let's not make this into more than what it is.

    People protest all the time, and though these protests seem to be rather more far-flung and weightier than past protests have been, the Vietnam Era is over.

    The culture of the moment is not receptive to hippie-like sit-ins, and Cesar Chavez-inspired protest marches, as much as it wants painless resolution to difficult problems.

    It's not that Americans, especially, are weary of protests, it's just that the causes these protesters are espousing, only resonate with a minority of the people involved.

    South Floridians are the least political of people, as this No Fault State is the quintessential laissez-faire community.

    The University of Miami is still the last bastion of the conservative, upper-middle class "Anglo" and Cuban residents of South Florida, who just want things to be resolved amicably, so people can get on with life.

    The protests in California, make the immigrants there look bad, and not the policies they wish to strike down.

    France is a special case.

    The aristocratic Mr. de Villepin has emerged battered from these protests, and yet, only a sobering tough look at themselves and their society, will make the French realise the medicine is going to be very bitter, but that's the only way the patient will get better.

    Perhaps this spring is one of protest.

    But the summer may yet bring more surprises, which could make even hardened protesters, rethink their priorities.

    If we're not careful, that is.


    • ''They have a right to protest, but not a right to interrupt the business of the university,'' she said.

      Hmmm, that's a unique, and new, concept.
      An almost word for word 1960's-ish wishful, hopeful thinking spoken by many a University President.

      I agree with you but the hatred or falsely rooted altruism by some in and out of the MSM is strongly arrayed and absorbing every disaffection and disaffected group. Toward, I believe, fueling more covulsing disruptions while searching to achieve commonality of purpose, somehow.
      I'm not thinking a vast conspiracy necessarily, maybe in getting Bush, just strength in numbers.

      Really? 4 beds for her dog? Well, I suppose that's not ostentatious for 9,000 sq. ft. Poor thing might never make it to bed were there only one.

      By Blogger Paul, at Wed Mar 29, 10:12:00 am GMT-5  

    • Can I delete this one? It may bave chased everybody off.

      By Blogger Paul, at Wed Mar 29, 10:53:00 pm GMT-5  

    • Nahhh, Paul. We just don't care for the silly protesters. The California students are too stupid to have a clue. The ones in Miami are getting close to the same standard: "Whoa, Dude, they won't let us pee. Brutality, Dude!"

      You want to protest, go ahead, but we won't cater the affair for you.

      The MSM still refuse to face the truth in France. Urban Disaffected Youth? BS! Muslims! Unassimilated, on-the-dole Muslims.

      Europe is dying, and the MSM would love to see this nation die as well.

      Protest all you like! That's your right!

      Meanwhile can we please close the borders?

      By Blogger benning, at Wed Mar 29, 11:12:00 pm GMT-5  

    • Can I delete this one? It may bave chased everybody off.

      Absolutely not!

      See, Benning already replied.

      As for me, I shall too, the moment I can think straight again.

      Stay tuned tomorrow. Thanks to both you lads for putting in your much approved, 2 cents. :)


      By Blogger vbspurs, at Thu Mar 30, 02:06:00 am GMT-5  

    • Absolutely not!

      Well, this IS embarrassing, I thought no one would return here, so I had a little fun. That will teach me.

      Benning76, well put!
      Seemingly, the MSM won't be happy until they have no right of expression, no literary license, no investigative reporting and all their columns are written for them by a religiously dominated or foreign led government official.

      By Blogger Paul, at Thu Mar 30, 09:03:00 am GMT-5  

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