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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Have You Seen One Yet?

Not 2 years away, but some people have already put up their political preferences, on the long-suffering form of the ole, family car.

Before I launch into my spiel, allow me to say that I will NEVER understand why people put bumperstickers on their automobile's paintwork.

I mean, even the Lyndon Larouche nutters.

Either you have money to burn, since a paintjob can cost in the thousands, or you just don't give a fig. Either way, you scare me.

My first sighting of a Hill for Prez '08 bumper sticker came on 17 June 2006, according to my camera's info.

At 11:11 AM, no less!

That's the traditional Armistice hour, although these things proclaim a war cry, not a friendly truce.

The next time I saw a similar bumpersticker, was on a Mercedes pulling into mega-exclusive L'Ermitage, a gated community of homes in Coconut Grove.

Caddies. Mercs.

But so far, not a rusted-out whoopdee in sight bearing Ms. Rodham's bumper sticker. Now why is that, do you think?

In case you are wondering where you can get these bumper stickers, here is a handy list for you Hillary supporters:

- Via Irregular Times

- Via Cafe Press (touting their Anti-Bush accessories, fashionista-alert!)

- Via DemStore

The latter of which, has the precise bumpersticker sighted above in the carpark.

The Irregular Times link also offers some clues why Republicans (excuse me, Neanderthals; when did they change the name? I'm always the last to know), hate Hillary.

They include:

"No, let's get real: the real reason Republicans can't stand Hillary Clinton are simple and threefold:

1. Hillary Clinton is a woman (the gall!)
2. Hillary Clinton has a backbone (the nerve!)
3. Hillary Clinton demands respect (the arrogance!)

The Republicans who keep pushing onward with their Hillary-hating campaign, years after her tenure as First Lady ended, just can't handle the idea of a strong, independent woman. They can't handle it, just like they can't handle the idea of women as human beings in general, so they'll try to tear her down.

But isn't it about time the Neanderthals finally got a good electoral slap about the cheeks? Isn't it time that the rest of America showed the Republican regressives that we've moved beyond gonad-based politics?"

Gonad-based politics. Gotta love it.

I wonder what they'd say, if someone told them many Republicans would happily vote for a Condi Rice ticket, without a blink.

Sure, many would not.

But it's not because of Condoleeza Rice's uterus -- but because they don't consider her up to the job.

That's the only thing that counts in choosing a President.

'Cause you know, we're not choosing a woman, but a leader.

Whilst you're polling people, ask Margaret Thatcher how well she was "liked" by her opponents.

Then ask her much she cared.

That, was a leader -- not self-pitying Fallopian tubes trying to win a popularity contest.


Two Very Different Points Of View


  • If you're willing to still use your macrame plant holders, then, hey, bumper sticker yourself to death, I always say!

    I don't know if you caught my line of argument about this on Althouse, but I think that Condi is unelectable. Mind, I'm not speaking to whether she should be elected, just that I think she can't be.

    My reasons are three:

    1.) She's never held elected office. The only people who get away with that are generals.

    2.) Her performance in say, Iraq, hasn't exactly been superb. I can't think to assign a specific foreign policy accomplishment to her specifically.

    most importantly,
    3.) She's not married. Buchanan excepted, I just don't think any single person, man or woman, could be elected president. I doubt the public would accept that a single person would have the seriousness necessary, as well as the understanding of everyday people who are married.

    As for #3...She could turn this into an incredible advantage by campaigning and dating at the same time! Obama? The media would fall over dead! Denzel? Jude Law? Juliani? (OMG!!!)

    Inauguration and a wedding at the same time! Hitched by the Chief Justice of The Peace! The mind reels!

    Just thinkin' out loud!

    By Blogger Ron, at Sun Sep 24, 03:41:00 am GMT-4  

  • BTW, your posting has been simply delightful lately, and it's been inspiring my own creative juices as well! It is so good to have you back, and we are all very grateful for such good writing.

    How'd that chicken come out? A friend of mine just opened a Cuban place on St. Marks Place in NYC, Cafe Fuego... I may do some ad work for him...

    By Blogger Ron, at Sun Sep 24, 03:47:00 am GMT-4  

  • You have heard about the bumpersticker company that came up with the Hillary sticker that can be sold to both Democrats and Republicans?

    It is red white and blue and says "Run Hillary Run!!!"

    The Democrates put it on the rear bumper and the Republicans on the front!!!

    By Anonymous MrWhipple1, at Sun Sep 24, 06:05:00 am GMT-4  

  • I have noticed that the bumperstickers in favor of Gore, Kerry, etc. that I have seen, tend to be on rather large, expensive automobiles. I guess those autos are paid for by the meager SS checks these folks receive. Hmmmm

    It can't be becaue the supporters of the Democrat candidates are well off, can it?

    The only place I'd put a bumpersticker is on a metal bumper. And they don't seem to make too many of those any more.

    By Blogger benning, at Wed Sep 27, 08:55:00 am GMT-4  

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