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Monday, May 07, 2007

Don't Hug The Queen

Like DC doyenne, Alice Frasier did when the Queen came to visit her home during the monarch's last visit Stateside, in 1991.

I'm not sure what makes this photograph so inestimably amusing to me:

The fact that the Queen has a priceless expression on her face, half-loving it, half-wishing she could die, -- or -- the fact that later in the day her hosts proferred up some fried chicken and potato salad to their royal guest.

And if her activities in American hospitality weren't enough, she later got to watch some Double Dutch jump rope exhibitions at a DC school.

Elizabeth II later said, "I had never seen that before", and boy that does have a certain ring of truth to it.

The Queen will have ample opportunity later Monday night, to savour more Merkin homecookin' as she is the honoured guest at the super-chic State Dinner, given in her honour at the White House by President and Mrs. Bush.

I'm guessing ribs, slaw and some very tasty collard greens will be featured. Don't forget the Pepto Bismol, Yer Majesty!

P.S.: As you can see, I am back on my beloved Sundries, but not quite just yet permanently. I am still sorting out some things, and I will not return full-time until I can at least devote the proper attention my blog, and its faithful readership deserve.

If you can forgive my absence just a little bit longer, I promise to reward your patience with some more posts of the nature above, quite soon.

Maybe, who knows, I'll do so for the Pope's trip to Brazil, which starts on the 9th May!! I can't wait.

More later! And thanks so much, guys. I miss you all more than I can say...

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