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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Compare And Contrast

On the same topic.

Barack H. Obama

Ronald W. Reagan

I got chills listening to both, for radically different reasons. And then I was sad. One of these men has no tomorrow in America.

The other may just be given a chance.



  • You said you got chills from both and for different reasons. I did as well, but I'm not sure if my chills and reasons go along with yours.

    Obama quite frankly scares the HELL out of me. His attitude of let's get rid of all the weapons is not just naive, it is positively stupid. History has shown again and again that telling bad people to just be nice doesn't work.

    While I agree with Reagan's words whole heartedly, I also beleive that his administration didn't actually live up to them. Yes the got the Russians out of Afganistan, but they did nothing for the people there after the Communist tanks drove north. Bin Laden was trained by the Reagan administration........

    Just because chains of slavery are cut does not mean the slaves are equipped to use their new found freedom..............

    By Blogger conv442, at Sun Jun 08, 04:00:00 pm GMT-4  

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