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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Tall Is Palin?

Wait, so okay. How tall is Sarah Palin?

I've actually stood next to Henry Kissinger, seen here at the Republican National Convention, conversing with Governor Palin. He was only slightly taller than I was, and I'm slightly above average for a woman.

But she seems to be towering over him in this photo.

Now, according to IMBD and other sites, Senator John McCain tops the height charts at 5'7". It's not unusual for a pilot to be smaller than your average male. Not sure if you know this, but almost all pilots are on the small side. The tallest Mercury 7 astronaut was 5'11. The average was 5'7.

I've poured over many photos like this one of the two Republican nominees standing side-by-side.

From the photos, I'd have put Sarah Palin at a generous 5'5 or even 5'4.

Her hairdresser recently said that she wears her hair in a bun to give herself an illusion of height, perhaps a holdover from her basketball playing days.

Given her penchant for wearing 3.5" Naughty Monkey heels, and court shoes, perhaps we could assign 5'8", as her shod height.

Just a curiosity, but it would be interesting if anyone has the correct info. Maybe a High School yearbook entry?

ADDED: Some more comparison shots. The first shows Cindy McCain (who is a tall woman) next to her two sons, Jimmy and Jack, who inherited their fathers' shorter genes.

Then Senators McCain and Obama greeting each other. Senator Obama stands at a very lanky 6'3, and though it's noticeable, I would've imagined the difference would've been more pronounced.

Given all this info, I conclude that Senator McCain's height is incorrectly listed. He must be closer to 5'8-5'9.

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