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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Because No Detail About Palin Is Too Trivial

...for Liberals to obsess about; take, as a for instance, The Huffington Post's recent article. It asks:

Is Sarah Palin's Lipliner a tattoo?

They even include some slideshow pics for readers, who are then encouraged to vote in a poll, like schoolgirls in 8th grade passing around a questionaire under their desks:

"Iz im cute? M you cute? Is sex cute? Was he cute? AARON U CUTE? Check yes or no!!!"

Christ, a new low even for you, HuffPo.

But, since we're on the topic and I have no pretensions to serious journalism whatsoever, here is a super close-up of Governor Palin's lips, as seen in Time's recent cover.


You know, this tat rumour reminds me of the tattoo she allegedly has of the Big Dipper on one of her ankles, disproved on this very blog after showing a cornucopia of photos of said ankles, for which many of my male readers are still emailing me in thanks.

As the preternaturally sensible writer, Drew, of Jossip fame says:

Much like the whole Bristol Palin pregnancy, the problem with this types of snark analysis is that it undercuts the main problem with Palin, that she's unqualified and dangerous, and shifts attention to the pettiness of the media. So then the GOP can go "You wouldn't be worried about her lipliner if she was a man!" which, untrue, we'd be more worried if she was a man with lipliner, but also good point. By pointing out the superficial flaws of this candidate, the MSM runs the risk of undermining their argument that Sarah Palin shouldn't be Vice President.

I'd rather take this type of negative commentary about her talents as a politician, which at least are on point, than HuffPo's regression to Middle School.

Clearly, the lipstick/hockeymom/pitbull line is still dancing around the subconscious of these people, who just can't let that remark pass. For a while there, even Senator Obama had this lipstick neurosis, which fortunately he let go of after two weeks.

Word has it they finally had to pry the tube from his clawed-over fingers.

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