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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Get Your Red Hot October Surprise

Jonathan Martin of Politico breaks this bit of news:

McCain camp making news in the morning

On what, they won't say.

"We'll have something to talk about," is all a campaign aide would allow.

Check back again in this space or over on our front-page in the morning.

From the Hillbuzz forum, we might have a clue, and if this is true, Obama is toast. But please treat it as the internet rumour it is, until then.

Tonight we talked to someone who works in the federal courts here in Chicago.

The buzz in those corridors is that federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has been leading a team of FBI investigators in 10 states working on a RICO case.

Today, it was announced that ACORN is being investigated in 10 states.

That’s one Hell of a coincidence.

We asked why Fitzgerald would be involved in this, because he’s the prosecutor on the Tony Rezko case and we aren’t aware of ACORN being investigated in Illinois.

We were told that ACORN was investigated in Illinois years ago, and it was a Fitzgerald case then. This means ACORN’s activities today, involving a conspiracy to commit multi-state voter fraud on SoetorObama’s behalf, are an extension of that previous ACORN case.

Our source in federal courts said, “Any crime that involves more than two people and is carried out across state lines qualifies as a corrupt organization. The fact that those “Goodwill” donations were made in Texas and received at Obama headquarters in Chicago or Washington means it qualifies for RICO.”

The “Goodwill donations” referred to above are the $228 million in undocumented, unverified campaign contributions the SoetorObama camp has received — which the McCain campaigned filed a complaint to the FEC on this past Monday.

We’ve also heard that the Clinton campaign filed complaints to the FBI and other federal agencies over SoetorObama’s fraud in the Iowa, Texas and other caucuses: voter intimidation, registration fraud, and other illegal activities.

The last thing we were told tonight in regards to all of this was that “the meme here is a tying together of all these various threads. That’s what you will see in the last weeks of the campaign: all things being tied together”.

If everything rumored here is true, it looks like David Axelrod, Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, SoetorObama himself, and possibly even Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were all involved, together, in massive RICO violations, and thus federal fraud, if the DNC and party leadership knew what the SoetorObama campaign and ACORN were up to and allowed it to proceed. Knowledge of federal crimes being committed makes all parties accessories to those crimes — and part of the conspiracy to defraud the public.

THAT would certainly be one Hell of a shock tomorrow morning.

The only reason I post this here, is that I recall two details from last week. First, Tony Rezko was said to be tired of being in prison, and was ready to sing. Would he know about Team Obama's ties to ACORN's shenanigans? That might explain why the lead Rezko federal prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, is allegedly heading up this FBI team.

Perhaps the canary has belted out his tune.

Second, the offices of ACORN in Nevada were raided last week...and who was seen in Vegas last Friday: none other than Karl Rove. You know that man has an unerring nose for political scandals, having been behind a few himself.

Read up on RICO charges here.

(Perhaps the various Sundries commenters who are lawyers might weigh in about this)

I am treating this and the rumour that Obama was affiliated with the Socialist Party in the 90s, as just gossip. But of the two, I think the federal investigation one is the more solid lead. We will see...



  • Methinks you are in for some disappointment.

    First, I just went over to John McCain's website and checked their press releases (where they would be posting any forthcoming big announcement). Their top press release is "Associated Industries of Florida endorses John McCain."
    Not exactly a head turner.

    Second, even if this does happen that's what is to be expected in a political campaign. Guess what? Federal law states explicitly that campaign contributions under $200 don't have to be listed with the same information as contributions over that amount. So, I gave Obama $25 and it probably isn't listed. Which is what the law says it shouldn't be. So they are making something out of nothing. Rather it is a measure of the strength of the Obama campaign that he has convinced millions of ordinary folks to give a few dollars (I suspect the large majority under the $200 threshhold.)

    Third, in Nevada, if you want to talk about voting fraud it turns out that the Republican secretary of state purged thousands of names off the roles in late August, in direct contradiction of the 2002 HAVA act which states that the registration roles cannot be purged within ninety days of an election. That one may be headed to court, as are similar situations in Louisiana and a couple of other states.

    And fourth, right now the RCP market is showing 71.2 bid for Obama to win, vs. 28.2 bid for McCain to win. That has hardly budged the past few hours (though at one point earlier today it got down to McCain 26.5.) I'd be surprised if it's over 30 for McCain tomorrow, even if this goes down exactly as you are predicting. It's a molehill.

    My guess is that the McCain campaign will use any news that does come out tomorrow to try and mask their imminent decision to pull out of Pennsylvania which has now become as unwinnable for them as Michigan.

    By Blogger Eli Blake, at Thu Oct 09, 04:34:00 am GMT-4  

  • And by the way you never did tell me how close I came on guessing the shoes.

    By Blogger Eli Blake, at Thu Oct 09, 04:35:00 am GMT-4  

  • to clarify:

    The 'that' which is to be expected in a political campaign is politically motivated manipulation of minor stories to sound like the sky is falling.

    By Blogger Eli Blake, at Thu Oct 09, 04:37:00 am GMT-4  

  • Thanks for the update, Eli! We'll see what this is all about. :)

    I did see your guesses about my shoes. Off the top of my head:

    3 high-heeled pumps, one Jimmy Choo, the other Escada, and I forget the other.

    2 flats (one inch heels though).

    I also remembered I have one pair of Sperry boatshoes, and of course, three pairs of running shoes.

    So under a dozen!

    My mother has well over 100...thank God I inherited my father's love of other accessories like watches. :)


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Thu Oct 09, 05:33:00 am GMT-4  

  • Well, now we know.

    McCain's campaign is out this morning with a new web ad about Bill Ayres. ho-hum.

    And the RCP markets are acting accordingly, right now futures on McCain are trading at 25.7. The way this is structured, a bid at 25.7 will give back $100 if McCain wins the election so effectively they are giving him about a 25% chance to win the election.

    By Blogger Eli Blake, at Thu Oct 09, 11:07:00 am GMT-4  

  • Obama needs to lawyer-up ASAP against these charges if true.

    (because that plays so well with voters :)

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Thu Oct 09, 01:28:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Victoria,
    have you watched this video yet? Pretty close to how I feel at this point.

    Also this, from the Weekly Standard:

    …The next question came from a black McCain supporter, who reminded McCain of the candidate’s plea at the convention for his supporters to do everything possible to ensure a victory. The supporter said: “I doubt that anyone has taken, pardon me, the ass-whoopin’ I have taken for doing that.” He then implored McCain to go after Barack Obama at the next debate and asked him to raise ACORN and Reverend Wright. “I am begging you, sir,” he said, as the crowd stood and applauded.

    Republicans are getting frustrated. Why do we have to "beg" McCain to fight? Palin's doing the heavy lifting, and McCain's ignoring key issues. Whether or not this Oct. Surprise comes to fruition, he needs to man up.

    By Blogger knox, at Thu Oct 09, 06:52:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Knox, just caught it on another forum, but I'll be crediting you on the post! Thanks so much.

    I will admit, I'm angrier than I've ever been in my life about politics. McCain is a moderate, honourable...fool.

    More soon.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Thu Oct 09, 07:23:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Eli, I haven't looked into it at all, but I thought the issue was single contributors who were breaking their contribution into small pieces in order to avoid having to be reported. Lots and lots and lots of small pieces.

    If millions of ordinary folks are giving a few dollars, then great.

    If a dozen rich dudes are giving millions of dollars in bite sized, unreported, chunks... not so great.

    On the other hand... even if there is a legitimate RICO issue involving the Democratic leadership a whole lot of people will chose to believe that it's just a political ploy... and Victoria, I think that's why McCain hasn't done more and it's certainly why Bush didn't do more to promote his policies with the public. Things are such that he could say that the sky is blue and he'd be accused of lying about it for his own profit (and no, he didn't *earn* that... it was a *gasp* political ploy, and it worked) and McSame has the same issue. Barack Obama could be caught on tape eating babies and it would be presented as a cheap political trick, and nasty too, and most undoubtedly racist.

    By Blogger Synova, at Fri Oct 10, 12:46:00 am GMT-4  

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