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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hopping Mad

A seminal moment in 2008 Presidential election history happened today.

During a Town Hall meeting -- a real town hall meeting, I hasten to add, not that impostor version moderated by "format pimp", Tom Brokaw -- a Waukesha, Wisconsin man got up to speak his peace, and burst out with a damn-the-torpedoes war cry instead.

If you have a pulse, and you are a Republican, this gentleman spoke for ALL of us today:

Commenter Knox provided the video link, and wrote:

Republicans are getting frustrated. Why do we have to "beg" McCain to fight? Palin's doing the heavy lifting, and McCain's ignoring key issues. Whether or not this Oct. Surprise comes to fruition, he needs to man up.

This is the crux of the problem right there. Is McCain out of his MIND?

Does he think this is the time for gentle bipartisanship, thinking that he'll court support from moderates by mentioning Warren Buffett and Andrew Cuomo because...it makes him look more above the fray? Let me say a few choice words to our Republican nominee for the presidency.

You're in the fray, son! Get in there!

For goodness sakes, John McCain.

You were not everyone's choice in the Republican primaries, you certainly were not mine, but you have the Republicans' support gratuitously now (especially after picking Palin). USE IT. Do not ABUSE IT.

I echo what Hot Air writes about this exchange:

I get the sense Maverick’s not entirely thrilled with the tone these events have taken.

That's exactly right. He's not. He acts like this is 1952 not 2008. He wants to be Eisenhower. The middle of the road ex-military guy who the country can rally around, because his story is inspiring.

I got news for you, John McCain. Your story has to be inspiring every day of your life. Every day, you got to go out there and fight, fight, fight.

Isn't that what you asked of us supporters in the Republican National Convention?

Do you know how many of us had fallen half asleep hearing you speak, until you got to that rousing battlecry? That sure woke us all up. I'll fight for you, John McCain, but you have to fight for us.

AGAIN. And keep fighting, fight until you can't anymore.

Today, 2008, is not the time for dramatic grand jestes of "suspending campaigns" and flying to intercede to pass a Bill which smacks of betrayal of every conservative principle your supporters hold dear.

You have tried the patience of every real conservative Republican in this campaign, and still we're with you. Still we trust your instincts over that of your rival, still we understand that it's you or bust for everything that we call "American" in this country -- patriotism, self-reliance, and freedom from government.

Don't be afraid of being tagged the Angry White Man that this guy above will no doubt be saddled with by the left-wing. For racialists, all that matters is the colour of his skin. What we see is the passion of his convictions.

So for every time a commenter writes in Michael Barone's "he can still win" column:

Give it up!

White supremacy is over in the United States; too bad some these fossils refuse to see it.

You let us worry about embittered, racist nuts like this.

We know how to shut them up. And just in case you missed it, here is the recipe John McCain: you do so by fighting. That's how you WIN. This election is not going to be given to you for being a good lad all your life, so get that out of your mind. Your opponent is already measuring the Oval Office curtains and pondering the bowling alley's shelf life, and you're talking of bipartisanship. GET OUT OF TOWN, JOHN MCCAIN.

I honour you, and every medal, every broken bone, every sacrifice you have made in your country's service. We all do, to a man and woman -- why, even those who disrespect you now, recognise you are the better man in this race because of it.

This is what kills all of us. You're going to lose to the lesser man. To the man who grasped terrorists hands in partnership, not when he was 8, but when he was in his 30s. Who attended a vicious anti-American church for 20 years, and thought nothing wrong of it. Who is a creature, no, the epitome, of Chicago politics, but he's fooled enough people to think he's a knight in shining hopeychangey.

As soon as I finish composing this post, I'll go to your website and donate some of my money to you. Money I could use to pay my bills, and save for a rainy day, though the thunderclouds are approaching now.

But that's what I can do. The rest is up to you, John McCain. Do not let your country down now.

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  • Trivial point, but that guy in the clip probably knows it when he sees it too. Waukesha is practically Milwaukee, and he looks old enough to remember Frank Zeidler, Milwaukee’s last real Socialist Party mayor.

    Hell, even I remember the legacy, and the 1976 Presidential bid.

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Thu Oct 09, 08:11:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Hey Victoria, I hope McCain reads this and reads it tonight.

    By the way, nicely done.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Oct 09, 08:32:00 pm GMT-4  

  • You are very, very, very, very wrong, Victoria, I can't even emphasize how wrong you are. McCain is apparently a much better person than the rabid Busheviks deserve. His is exactly the attitude of a decent person that understands the guilt of his party. And so it should be - the Republican candidate should enter the election with the understanding that he has no real right to compete - after all the crimes and disasters committed in the previous 8 years - and he should cower in his electoral corner, meekly begging forgiveness by the world, and humbly hoping, just hoping, that people don't spit in his face. What insolence by the Republicans to even participate in the election! What gyon-surat attitude in thinking they should win!

    While McCain probably doesn't see things exactly the way I do, I'd like to think that he has the honesty and integrity to understand the inheritance of guilt he's stepping into, and that that's the reason for his nice and bipartisan approach. After all, he's the second Republican candidate in the last 40 years that has the all around qualities that make him suitable to be a president (the previous one was Bob Dole).

    In short, I wouldn't mind if he won this election, but I don't think he should, not because he doesn't deserve, but because it would send the wrong message to the Repugnicans - that it's OK to to commit crimes at home and abroad, as long as you can trick the populace into voting for you.

    Hopping mad,

    By Blogger El Kot, at Thu Oct 09, 10:15:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Vic, he's got the money. Save it for a 527.

    By Blogger JSU, at Fri Oct 10, 12:35:00 am GMT-4  

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