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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nice Try

Again, Daily Kos has tried to smear Sarah Palin by posting her purported SAT scores.

After Dawn Eden posted that "Nutroots use my SAT scoresheet to forge Palin Grades", the well-named Jimmy Crackcorn posted a Charles Johnson-like throbbing memo version, apologising for posting a fake.

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Almost in the same breath as her roll-out in Dayton, Ohio, Daily Kos has been at the centre of near evil rumours about Sarah Palin. I don't need to remind anyone of the very first, which was the Trig/Bristol/Sarah Palin maternity rumour.

Every single rumour after that, from the "Lucille" Sambo ones, to the banning of books list, to spreading falsely that she is a Creationist, all the way down the line of false allegations, has been touted by this disreputable site. It's the kind of attitude which has allowed her to be gratuitously reviled by mainstream media, without any consequences whatsoever. The Left blogosphere have long since taken their cue from that, or perhaps it's the other way around.

It took the hacking of her Yahoo account (something which, had it been Senator Obama's email, would've provoked an instant media firestorm, with immediate leveling of the word "racist" at the culprit), to get federal authorities to do something about it.

(I forget if Michael Steele received any help after his Social Security number was accessed and his credit report revealed, but I would be very much surprised if this was prosecuted)

They're still at it, as you can see. And it's a sad indictment about our modern day world that I have to be grateful to Mr. Crackcorn that he set the record straight.

Let me finish by saying that Senator McCain and Governor Palin have attacked Senator Obama's record, and associations. But Senator McCain even recently defended him from their supporter's misguided information about him.

Yet, not once has Senator Obama tried to come to Governor Palin's defense when she was slimed and lied about by his supporters. The very most, in fact, the very least that he did was when the original Trig rumours came out, he said kids should be off-limits -- a comment of resounding duh-ness.

Like now, though, I had to be grateful for even that morsel of humanity. And I was.

Even for those who have no standards, Daily Kos stands in a separate category of malfeasance, which they contribute to every day by their unhinged attitude. In fact, their name is mud amongst clear-thinking people.

And for that I am grateful.

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