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Monday, January 26, 2009

Aren't You Happy You Live In SoFla?

Pity these poor Portland, Oregon drivers who have to nagivate through a phenomenon known as Black Ice.

"Heads up!".

Kwazy...I wonder what their insurance is like up there.

78F on Monday in South Florida, my friends, after an absolutely gorgeous weekend. Just grinding the shards of glass slowly into your hands.

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  • Shards in our hands ... heh heh. Are you sure it's not shards of ice in yours?
    But seriously, how can you live without frost? Without the yellow and red forests of autumn? Without the nip of a snowflake on your nose?
    Granted, I wouldn't want to live in a 4-month Canada winter either, but Florida is too extremely warm for me. Why on earth would one want constant spring and summer? It'd be so depressing!
    From all accounts, English weather would be perfectly to my liking - never too cold, (and more importantly) never hot, and not too many depressingly sunny days. Too bad I haven't been to England. :)

    By Blogger El Kot, at Mon Jan 26, 02:04:00 am GMT-5  

  • hmmm...if you click through to YouTube itself, you'll also see a video for "10 worst women drivers", on the channel of one "Victoriamobile" from Brazil! C'est vous?

    just drive slower. if you start to slide, put it in neutral, and cut the wheel in, so you might just go in a circle.

    By Blogger Ron, at Mon Jan 26, 02:24:00 am GMT-5  

  • Well...we have had almost 2 weeks without measurable snowfall!! And next week it looks like me might eek out the mid-30s!! A heat wave by Wisconsin standards!!

    Vic....I hope that you enjoy your weather....I'm envious of course.

    But at least we don't have bigger than life bugs!! *grin*

    Peggy :)

    By Blogger Peggy Gero DaValt, at Mon Jan 26, 06:22:00 pm GMT-5  

  • I wouldn't want to live in a 4-month Canada winter either, but Florida is too extremely warm for me. which is what I thought when I moved south from Chicago in 2000, only to find that Florida is so much more than "extremely warm."

    Also, as an ex-Wisconsin native, I can assure Peggy G DV that there are no insects in Florida like the helicopter mosquitoes Wisconsin produces in the summer.... The dragonflies eat 'em up as soon as they hatch down here. We got rid of our lanai because of the bugless outdoors in our backyard.

    By Blogger dave in boca, at Tue Jan 27, 02:43:00 am GMT-5  

  • Dude! That is not black ice. That is the weird weather phenomenon known as "snow". The reason the Portland drivers are so bad in it is because we don't often have that much snow (that tape was made last month during the "snowpocalypse", when there was snow on the ground for a couple of weeks. Extremely unusual here. It does snow most years, but it usually doesn't stick to the ground. Hence the inexperienced drivers.).

    Black ice is called that because you can't see it. It's a thin enough layer of ice that it's invisible to drivers, who are driving merrily along until they hit this hitherto unsuspected patch of ice, whereupon hilarity ensues. It often happens over a bridge or cold spot where the ground is below freezing. Treacherous stuff. But not snow.

    By Blogger jaed, at Tue Jan 27, 11:53:00 am GMT-5  

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