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Friday, June 03, 2005

Fur Flying

(My poor, neglected blog has been updated, the milling throngs who read it will be happy to know. 2 June-Deep Throat, 1 June-German Fashion Faux-Pas, 31 May-Arepas, 30 May-Baseball Book, 29 May-Porn Domains, and finally, 28 May-Spelling Bee Geeks. That should keep you bored, I mean! busy for a while)

At a forum I frequent, there is raging a debate on fur wearers and the spitting consequences that should befall them.

And when I say raging debate, I mean, mild annoying limpid discussion which is going no where.

When faced with moral outrage from guilty white activist-wannabes, I have this way of fighting fire with humour, so after the Miami Heat win last night, I decided to rummage through my mother's closet for some of her furs (she has actually more than 3, all of them over 30 years old, and yet semi-new since who would wear furs in SoFla but eccentric me?).

I put them on, layered on her equally extensive jewelry collection (her hobby is jewelry design, and some of her pieces would not be sniffed at by habitués of Oscar red carpets), tried to look for a cigarette holder, but chucked that idea when I realised that was a LITTLE over the top.

So, of course I then grabbed my sweet little chihuahua (replete with wee faux mink coat), and went riding around South Beach, with the air-conditioning at the highest setting. Whew. Talk about Heat.

Whilst this little exercise in laughing at dialectical pomposity is my way of thumbing my nose at such toadish hollowly ill-humoured types, I actually had an emotional moment just before heading out, which made this childish lark worthwhile.

I told my mother of my stunt, and she laughingly told me, sure, take your grandmother's coat. The black mink.

So I went to her bursting closets, and found it in a sealed bag, were it has hung for almost 10 years, undisturbed.

As I lowered the zipper, I received a jolt of recognition. Oh Mary, it still bore my grandmother's personal odour.

Each of us, even if we're unaware of it, has a personal odour, and hers was a combination of oranges and honey, "so holt, und schön, und rein" as Heine put it...

...as I closed my eyes, and inhaled deeply, breathing a scent I thought long since gone (she died in 1992), suddenly floods of memories came back to me, and I had to check my emotions lest I start to cry.

My maternal grandmother was a creature of her time and world, with their foibles and their ideas of appropriateness, but a more self-sacrificing, gentle woman never existed. I swear to you.

And to think that she might've been spat upon by self-righteous thugs today for wearing her mink, this woman who tried to make all people and creatures around her happy every day of her life, makes me sick to my stomach.

I closed that zipper slowly. Breathing her odour one last time.

So that I never forget what really stands for kindness and decency and mercy in this world.


  • Well, I appear to be the only cunt reading your blog at the moment, Vic.
    And a jolly good read it is too. I liked the thing about Grandparents. Apparently I had Grandparents as well. Who knew?

    By Blogger Kullrad, at Fri Jun 03, 06:25:00 pm GMT-4  

  • If I could choose just one cunt, 'twould be your good self, Kully.*

    As for the Grandparents, I'm glad you enjoyed them, I mean!, the post about them.

    But I'm fairly certain you and I didn't have the same grandparents. That would make us brother and sister. Or something.

    *Readers take heed: Kullrad and I frequent another forum where conversation tends towards loucheness. All in good fun, to be sure.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Fri Jun 03, 07:02:00 pm GMT-4  

  • May be you should make your readers aware of that
    www.strasbourgcurieux.com/fourrure/fur.wmv, before them reading your opinion on fur.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Jun 05, 02:17:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Firstly, Shussy, thank you for being decent enough and post here in the blog, instead of only on the forum we frequent. I absolutely hate troll threads, and you saw the reactions they bring out in people, thus ruining our fragile group chemistry.

    Your suggestion of having to view this awful clip is also a good one, but one which in many ways, Shussbar is a little superfluous.

    See, maybe you have never seen a clip of an animal tortured to death for his product, but I certainly have. Many. Many. I'm sure others have too, although for sure, there are many others who have not.

    But as I said, I have. And yet, you seem to think I haven't. Now why is that?

    Is it perhaps because you think I wouldn't wear a fur which had come from a raccoon bludgeoned to death in this odious manner?

    In one brief reply on the forum, I mentioned am not a vegetarian, unlike that grandfather of mine I mentioned recently who was one in the 1920s.

    And furthermore, I wear and use leather frequently.

    And further after that, I use antibiotics, and other medicine whenever I need it.

    One predicates killing cows by slitting their throats and watching them bleed to death before they are chopped up, the other chopping off chicken's heads or wringing their necks, and finally, even poor fish are have to have a hook through their mouths and are asphyxiated afterwards to eat.

    Perhaps you are a vegetarian, Shussbar, although as a person who likes to cook that I know you to be, I rather think you're not, but I see little ethical difference between wearing fur already dead 30 years, than eating meat from cows dead a few days.

    Likewise, I wear their skin next to my own.

    Likewise, all those wonderful drugs which have killed millions of dogs and monkeys these many years, are the product of animal testing by Roche Pharmaceuticals and other companies.

    Perhaps you are indeed a vegetarian, wear only plastics (oops bad for the environment, watch out!) or cotton (brutal exploitation of workers throughout history), or simply let your body cure you or your family, without need of medication, but I am not like you.

    I have made a choice long ago not to buy new furs, but the troll thread was started with the injunction to spit on any people who wore furs.

    And that was my grandmother, alive not so long ago.

    In the course of being humane, there are certain people who act inhumanely to prove a point, and that's when I draw the line.

    You ask for me to think and perhaps even to shame me to be sickened by watching this video.

    I am. I have. I don't need your injunctions to tell me that I must.

    But I also ask you, what punishment should we mete out to people who are not vegetarians, who wear leather, and other animal byproducts, and who use medicine first tested on innocent animals?

    Because honestly I don't see how you can be morally outraged by one, if not by the other.

    Your point overall, is excellent.

    But what I took exception to was spitting on people to make another point.

    And fanaticism is rather like trolldom -- it doesn't get far with me.

    For the record, my family have long been aligned with the RSPCA (rather like the Humane Society in the US), since the late 1800's in fact, and my grandfather has a wildlife preservation sanctuary in Africa named after him (or did, who knows what has happened since Zaire became Congo again).

    That vegetarian doctor who hunted rabbits and pheasants, fished and served in two wars.

    Such is life.

    People can't always be consistent, but if their heart is in the right place overall, and they have convictions which overwhelm their inconsistencies, they are certainly decent human beings.

    Unfortunately, for PETA and others, they would have probably spit not only on him, but on my grandmother too.

    For fanatics, there are no grey areas and I dismiss their tactics completely.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Sun Jun 05, 03:13:00 pm GMT-4  

  • See, I don t have enough elaborate vocabulary to explain myself correctly to not create confusion. I am not vegetarian, i use antibiotics when needed and don t specially follow the totalitarism of PETA or the kind. But sometimes there is no real need for things.
    I was just and always are very sadden to see animals suffer. They could get the fur or whatever after having killed the animal. That was the all purpose of my remarks here and there, and since you were not really showing any signS of being moved ( in the RSS forum), i was wondering what kind of person you were to be so cold . Now I realize that your main thing was to go after trollo.
    I hope you understand what I mean, what i felt and that it is not always easy to express it in a different language. Take care

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Jun 05, 11:17:00 pm GMT-4  

  • My dear Shuss, don't you worry. I understood you, despite what seemed to be an impasse of language (which you feel prevents you from expressing your viewpoints, though I never really mistook what you meant), and the brevity of my posts on that forum.

    The sad fact is that sometimes you are condemned before you even utter a word, simply because you represent a kind of person, a background, a philosophy even which certain people find almost worthy of hatred.

    I know you know I'm not a cold person (despite my tone, which becomes frosty so as not to become emotional), and yet, I am not perfect either.

    At least, you gave me the courtesy of listening to my viewpoints here, before you dismissed me and them out-of-hand, although that isn't ultimately the case.

    In fact, on this topic, though you may be far more aware of it, and outraged by it, we seem to be on the same general page about it.

    People don't have to agree, to respect though, so thanks for that.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Mon Jun 06, 01:24:00 am GMT-4  

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