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Friday, August 05, 2005

Birthday Poll -- Results

Well, the voters have spoken on my poll question:

What Should Victoria do on her Birthday?

1- Relax. Stay Home. Read "The Truth About Hillary" and Laugh 12% 2
2- Go out with Friends & Family 71% 12
3- Suggestion in Comments Section 18% 3

TOTAL: 17 votes

So, 2 votes for me staying at home and reading a good book on the future first woman President of the United States (in an Asimovian parallel universe).

3 votes for suggestions on how to enjoy meself for my birthday -- but failing to actually post the suggestions, thus presumably asking me to use my imagination. And we all know what that leads to.

But fortunately, the "Go out with Friends & Family" crowd have it, with 71% of the votes.

So I will! Hurrah for the democratic process!

Although I'm sure at least one voter really didn't vote for Buchanan.


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