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Thursday, September 01, 2005

I Wonder What Happened to Julia Reed

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Julia Reed, to those of you who are veterans of American cable news shows, is a Vogue senior editor, and champion of all things Mississippi.

She comes from hearty stock in Greenville, the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

Greenville residents, which include her family for generations, have endured hurricanes, heat, fires, rains, tornadoes, ice storms, and a small event known as the US Civil War.

I wonder, if like Brett Favre's family, they had to go up their attic, and wonder about Julia, who has the misfortune of having chosen to live in New Orleans.

I knew about Julia Reed anecdotally from friends in New York City.

She shares her time there and in New Orleans, but because she is such a Southerner, with her husky-voiced Southern twang which must stick out a mile in those Upper East side salons, and her much beloved charm and wit, so redolent of her home state, she must be in great demand in NYC.

What now, I wonder?

Will she go back to New Orleans, or just stick to NYC?

I think this momentous decision is one many people from the area are faced with today.

But I do know one thing.

She may well leave New Orleans, but her kinfolk will never leave Mississippi.

Some things not even a hurricane can take from you.

READ JULIA REED'S BOOK: Queen of the Turtle Derby and Other Southern Phenomena.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY 7 SEPT: Julia Reed is alive, well, and safe in her parent's home in Greenville, MS! I noticed a hit counter referral to my site, and checked out the links. In one of them, I saw that she had been interviewed on the embattled Air America Radio's Al Franken Show, subbed though he was last week, by Rachel Maddow. Now Julia Reed, from what I've heard from her previous on-air TV commentaries, is hardly a Republican. In fact, I would not hesitate to say she tilts left politically, and perhaps that's why Air America thought they would have her on air on Friday, 2 September, being a New Orleans/Mississippi resident and all. I'm sure they thought she would tow what has become the MSM Party Line of "Blame Bush! Blame Often! Don't Stop Blaming!". Boy, they must've been livid at her for assigning blame first, foremost, and often to Governor Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana, and ESPECIALLY to Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans. She absolutely ripped him apart for his lackadaisical remarks before the levees broke on Tuesday. As much as Rachel Maddow tried to steer back the conversation to assign blame on the Federal response, Julia Reed would have none of it. She said she found it "terrifying" that they were in charge, and couldn't believe Blanco was her governor, who just threw up her hands asking people to pray for Louisiana, instead of asking them to pray, which is fine, but also doing a million and one other things a governor of a State is supposed to do. And as far as Ray Nagin's chances for re-election are concerned, she said they are nil. That's when Rachel Maddow put on Nagin's expletive-laden outburst which made did the rounds of all MSM outlets gleefully. Poor old Julia Reed -- she didn't get the segue, and just ripped him apart again for throwing a hissy fit AFTER his lame, lack of leadership "un-Giuliani" comments on air on Monday, when the storm first broke. Rachel Maddow desperately tried to get the conversation back to the Federal, by bringing up Speaker of the House Denny Hastert's comments about not rebuilding New Orleans, which Reed fully agreed were ridiculous and defeatist (as do I), but the damage was done. Someone didn't get the Blame Bush memo. She didn't say what she did because she was being Right or Left. She said it because, using that famous Southern habit of calling it as you see it, that's how she perceives the truth to be. Here is the mp3 clip of Reed's lapsus lingua on ARR. Scroll to minute 77:00 until minute 88:00. Julia, on the off-chance you're reading this one day, good on you. I just hope you get invited back to those Upper East Side salons. You might have some 'splaining to do.

UPDATE, 22 SEPTEMBER 2006: I have seen a high-volume of search engine hits on this post, in the past year. Upon clicking on the mp3 link for Julia Reed's appearance on Air America, I saw that they no longer hosted that day's radio coverage, on their Archives. I went to AirAmerica and rooted around for it, in case the url had changed, but in fact, though there are indeed programmes listed archivally, there is only one for each flagship Show. Al Franken's show, in fact, lists the last mp3 as being from 12 July 2006 (at the time of writing). Very odd, very unprofessional, if indeed that's all they have. I wish I had preserved the mp3, but the fact of the matter is, one shouldn't have to. Any info you have on this general matter, would be appreciated.

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  • Wrong: her mother's from Nashville and father from Missouri.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 21, 09:40:00 am GMT-4  

  • i grew up in greenville, ms also, on Idlewild dr. my parents are philip and louise mansour and i live in dallas texas. i was reading vogue today and found your article on moving to new orleans. i was so delighted to find another southern writer/sister and ordered your book today from our local library. you may know my older brother phil, jr. who took over my dad's law practice. i am also a lawyer but am working on writing a book also. we grew up catholic and i was born 1960 and attended st. joseph high school and church, so i don't think i ever got to meet you or anyone in your family, but am sure you probably know some of my clan in greenville. i have lived here in dallas since 1990. i have my 30th class reunion in oct of this year and visit greenville often to go see my 82 year old mom, louise, who is a living miracle really. so thrilled to read about another greenville lady author and just wanted to say hi . my name is theresa marie mansour , good catholic name, but i am no longer a catholic, but still very southern. i have visited New York City three times and love it. i love to travel, esp to europe, but there is no place like the south. my pals call me T and nice to meet ya, julia and congrats on your new home in the garden district of new orleans. i go to baton rouge about once or twice a year to visit my cousins the abides. my mom's sister was married to paul abide for 57 years and he passed away nearly two years ago in aug. maybe i will catch ya in greenville one holiday or something. congrats on your success. i know my mom has your book as she is a voracious reader and reads a book a day. my email is tmansour@verizon.net and i hope its ok to send this blog this way. i am not much of a blogger,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri May 23, 11:05:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Julia is my cousin!
    She lives in New Orleans all the time now.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Dec 10, 10:32:00 pm GMT-5  

  • Julia is my cousin!
    She lives in New Orleans all the time now.

    Good stuff, thanks for the visit to the blog. TTBOMK, this is the only blogpost about her, and I think I got her political leanings a bit wrong (I have since heard she is an acquaintance of President and Mrs. Bush).

    BTW, I have bought her book "House on First Street" and was saddened I didn't find out about her visit to a local bookstore, until it was too late. I would've gone to have the book autographed.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Wed Dec 10, 10:39:00 pm GMT-5  

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