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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hoop Dreams

As Judy Tenuta once said, could happen.

In a shocking move today,republican V.P. nominee Sarah Palin has openly challenged democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama to a game of basketball, saying that the winning side should get to decide who gets to be the president for the next four years. Obama could not be reached for comment but one of his advisors said that he was “putting deep thought into the offer.” Palin, smelling fear from Obama and the democratic party egged the challenge on using both striking, sexist, and racist remarks in an effort to force Obama to take her up on the challenge.

Palin grabbed the moment and denounced Obama by saying that “he is afraid to play a women in a basketball game, how can he be expected to run the country?”. She even went as far as to remark “any black man that can’t beat a white women in a game of hoops is not fit to be the commander-in-chief.” Palin said this while simultaneously spinning five basketballs on one hand while balancing another five on the knuckles of her other hand. Although taken back by the stinging remarks, one Barack Obama supporter admitted that “he would not be able to vote for a brother if he failed to beat a white girl in a game of hoops”. [...]

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  • The ladies can add something 'extra' to those hip checks on defenders trying to get around picks and screens!

    OT, Vic, my interest in Palin came from your posting of quite some time again, and I expressed my enthusiasm to my local Ann Arbour (just for you, love, my spelling!) political Brahmans who, as you might guess, are bit more to the left than I. Since Palins' being picked, I now have a sort of Nostradamus-like rep, with the now shell-shocked! The inevitable general election questions come...

    But, being an old football better, I've learned to keep my own council. If you tell people picks that work out, they only come back to you next week, and when they don't work out, they don't blame themselves, they blame you! You just can't win, either way...

    By Blogger Ron, at Thu Sept 04, 06:51:00 am GMT-4  

  • Heheheee! Great stuff!

    By Blogger benning, at Thu Sept 04, 08:45:00 am GMT-4  

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