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Friday, October 31, 2008

Piper The Princess And Trig The Elephant

Look at Piper and Trig.

LOOK AT PIPER dressed like a princess.

LOOK AT TRIG dressed like an elephant. Awesome. Just awesome.

Governor Palin donned a pumpkin foulard, in a nod to Halloween today. No need for a costume on her part. She is already coming as Sarah Palin.

Chuckles aside, you can see what she and the Palin family are trying to do, don't you?

They're trying to regain the August 29th roll-out narrative about them, their values, and their lifestyle: just ordinary Americans, who rose up to the highest reaches of power, but are still 'just folks' who like other just folks wear jeans, and go out together en famille.

This tells me that Governor Palin continues to be haunted (good word for Halloween) by the spectre of that $150,000 wardrobe snitch to the press. I think the American people have moved on, and it only and truly matters to her critics who use it to batter her over the head, as they would with anything, but Palin is savvy.

The one thing they cannot really take away from her is her authenticity. She knows that pricetag is actually rather cheap given her lack of polish for a politician on the national stage, but that during a time of economic crisis, it looks like a double-standard.

See, Americans have this problem with rich people.

Usually it just bubbles under the surface, in times of fat. But in times of lean, the richies get it between the eyes in this country. You saw that vividly with the populist "Wall Street fat cat" phrase constantly thrown around to condemn those living just a more high-octane version of the American dream.

(Incidentally, I am a bit of a populist, who has a tendency to view blue-collar, working folk with rosy-tinted glasses, because they live lives and have values I deeply admire. But I am not a populist Republican -- in fact, I dislike that kind of politician or one who uses that kind of mindset, like Governor Mike Huckabee. Populists have shown themselves to be the most dangerous kinds of politicians in history and I even regret that Governor Palin sometimes takes a leaf from that rhetoric page)

It comes as some sort of blessing that the wardrobe leak came AFTER many weeks of campaigning, when the American public had already (rightly or wrongly) formulated a vision of who Sarah Palin is.

If it had been leaked in the first weeks of September, it might've either ruined her and driven a 'hypocrite' narrative.

Well, this post was intended for Piper (and baby Trig) and her beautiful choice of Halloween outfit, which actually I don't think is a costume. She just likes dressing like a fairy tale princess.

Remember when her mum was being sworn in as Governor of Alaska? Whilst her eldest sister went looking as if she were going to the mall, Piper went in a tiara and satin dress.

Love it. Go Piper! Piper Palin '44.

ADDED: Oh. I realise now who Piper's bone-coloured wide sweep collar reminds me of. A Venetian doge!

This famous portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredan hangs in the National Gallery in London, and I remember being fascinated when younger, when being taken to see it.

I marvelled at the sumptuous garment the Doge was wearing, and realised even at my young age, that he must've been deeply aware of his presence, and what he wanted to relay to the Ages about himself.

That's what people who are self-aware do. They don't just protect their image for today. They insist it be consistent, for History is a harsh judge, one moreover, which judges for eternity.

Palin, both Sarah and yes even little Piper, somehow get that too.

IN THE COMMENTS: JSU brings up a giggle-inducing cynical point, which you know, if true is rather good.

Vic, I'm surprised you didn't pick up on this:

Orange is the PUMA color. McCain wore an orange tie, too, at a crucially symbolic juncture.

Only the highest practioners of the art of politics speak in "code". Actually, Senator Obama does it all the time (notice the first time he ever wore jeans whilst stumping was two days after Governor Palin famously did). I'm not speaking of the outwardly showy kind of code, like Senator Lamar Alexander's woodsy plaid shirts (read, "I'm a regular guy"). But code which passes unnoticed, and unremarked upon even by those whose living it is to decipher such things.

If this is true, and not just a Halloween message, but a silent one to the Orange-Pantsuits-in-Exile in the crowd, she's a bareknuckled pol with instincts we've rarely seen at this level.

UPDATE: I almost don't want to add this, but I have to. Koz Kids are attacking this appearance by the Palin family, and reading more "code" than even we can dream up here.

I refuse to link to this direclty, to give them traffic, but here is the link.


They Dressed Trig as an Elephant
by stef
Fri Oct 31, 2008 at 01:14:30 PM PDT

Is that cool? Making your baby into a party mascot?

Piper is a Snow Princess. Her mother is the Ice Queen of Mean. And scary Uncle Mac escaped from Night of the Living Dead.

The replies included wondering if Governor Palin dressed up her son as "Dumbo" because he is a Down Syndrome baby...


But one other person went even farther. Much much farther.

Seriously? This is how people think? How twisted. It's HALLOWEEN. Give it a rest, losers.

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Another Strip For Jose

Since José Aguirre enjoyed the Ramirez political cartoon so much last time, here's another one from the Augusta Chronicle, just for him and for you.


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Human Interest Stories Fuel McCain-Palin

If you missed the Hannity & Colmes segment featuring Tito Muñoz, you missed a jackhammering of Alan Colmes by the Columbian builder.

(Via Ace of Spades)

But as I listened to Tito, wearing him some cool shades (I believe for a facial tic), I realised one thing about why the McCain-Palin ticket is hanging in there alongside the $600 million dollar man, Senator Obama.

The Republican Party cannot rely on any fairness in media, but common folk have their back.

Think about it. Can you think of a single normal person made famous by the Obama campaign? Oh yeah. One. But do you remember his name?

You're not the only one.

"From Sergeant...uh [looks down at the bracelet], from the mother of Sgt. Ryan David Jopek."

The one human interest story tied to his campaign lasts just a few seconds, as Obama is looking down to remember who gave him the bracelet and the name of the poor lad.

Meanwhile, on the other side we have, just off the top of my head:

Matthew Stanley (the soldier mentioned first by McCain in the 1st debate)
Tito Muñoz (already mentioned)
Ron Weisflog (The Angry Man At the Wisconsin rally)
James T. Harris (the black radio DJ from the same rally)

And of course, the most famous Common Man of them all made famous by the McCain-Palin side -- Joe Wurzelbacher, that instant American icon, "Joe the Plumber".

You know, I'll even add that crazy-Bruce Vilanch-haired lady from whom McCain yanked the microphone, when she called Obama an "Arab".

It's safe to say that if SNL makes a skit out of a nobody, you've gotten your 15 minutes of fame.

Once again, I say there is nothing even remotely similar on the Obama-Biden side. Either the egos are too big to share the stage, or the message is too weak to include actual living people, and not just hidebound rhetoric.

Or perhaps they just don't know what to do with the Common Men and Women who back them. They're background props, rather than foreground supporters.

So remember this question on November 4th.

Which side was more accessible to ordinary Joes and Janes, and who actually made a difference by their presence in a candidate's campaign?

And then ask yourself why.

You might find yourself saying when you can put a human face on actual cold-blooded policy, you've captured your target audience's attention.

Oh, I just thought about another human interest story made famous by the McCain campaign: Governor Sarah Palin herself. Love her or want to carve her up like a pumpkin, whatever she touches, she turns into ratings gold.

People WANT to know about her in ways that scrappy Scranton boy Joe Biden can never dream about. She's real, and you feel you can reach out and know her -- just like all the other folks above.

McCain-Palin 2008: the campaign which elevates ordinary Americans.

IN THE COMMENTS: Knox wonders out loud.

The great thing about some of these "Ordinary Americans" is that they will actually say things that (for whatever reason) republicans will NEVER SAY about democrat policies: they are NOT trying to help you; they are trying to keep you down so that they remain powerful. It is utterly the truth and republicans will never say it. GO TITO.

I couldn't agree more.

Meanwhile, Level Head, the person who found the interview with the soldier's father pays Sundries a visit, and comments:

Thanks for the Tito clip. I picked up your reference to the bracelet; I was the one who found the interview with the soldier's father.

It has become clear that Mrs. Jopek never said ANYTHING to Obama, let alone "She asked me to make sure another mother doesn't go through what I went through." She was crying too hard to say anything -- and she opposes Obama's position on Iraq.

Incredible, isn't it? And no one calls him out on it.

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Mac On SNL

Senator John McCain scored the biggest SNL spot just prior to the election, two weeks after his running mate drew a record amount of eyeballs to the NBC skit show. Everyone thought Senator Obama might make it this last weekend, but perhaps even he thought that would be overkill.

Given the unusually gracious, even kindly words about Palin by Alec Baldwin, and Tina Fey seen below on Conan, I am hoping against hope they don't sabotage his appearance this Saturday.

(Via Zachary Paul Sire)

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Super Sarah

Wonder Woman works for me.

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A Three-Hanky Photo

Piper snuggling up to Todd in Erie, Pennsylvania. Awww.

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The 600 Million Dollar Man

Senator Barack Obama might consider these Halloween costume choices.

The One

Senator Evil

Beverly Hills Obama

For "Lies, Injustice, and the Ayers Way"

Captain Government

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Your Inevitable Sarah Palin Halloween Costume Post

Sarah Palin Halloween costumers in San Francisco's Castro district. No really.

Love the rifle. She looks like my old science teacher, Miss Fiona Tweed, though. Wouldn't it be hilarious if it were?

That middle one -- that's supposed to be Bristol Palin. Yeah, that would make it the first time they're still hung up on an 18 year old girl.

Chitty-chitty bang bang.

Just touch Piper, you queens, and your butts are mine!

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The View Brings The Halloween Crazy

What...what is this?

Apparently, it's the harpies ladies of The View in their Halloween costumes for today's show. I know the photo is small, but perhaps you can make out who each lady is going as.

But just in case, I think I can make them out for you.

- That's either Whoopi Goldberg as FDR, or Red Foxx, I'm not sure which.

- Joy Behar looking eerily like "Rough Rider" Teddy Roosevelt, indeed, better than Robin Williams' version.

- That lady Sherri something or other (sorry, I haven't watched The View in years) as a two-dimensional Abe Lincoln penny. Another site's commenter said "Great, now she has a penny for her one thought". Heh.

- I do believe that is the lone Republican on the show, Elisabeth Hasselbeck dressed either as Ronald Reagan, Ralph Reed or Clay Aiken.

- And oh my left nut, is that Barbara Walters as a catatonic George Washington? Hideous, Babs, hideous.

Yeah. Think I'll pass.

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I Would

Question for those in the Battlegrounds: Which ads are you getting in your States?

This is the one plastered everywhere in South Florida. From the Republican Jewish Coalition PAC. I think it's effective.

Effective for the same reason this is effective, and possibly it was inspired by the same sentiment -- Obama is much too different even from other Democrats.

ADDED: More stream-of-consciousness about this. Remember Josh Howard's reprehensible remarks about not honouring the National Anthem due in part, to Barack Obama's attitude?

"The Star-Spangled Banner is going on. I don’t even celebrate that sh*t. I’m black."


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Realistic Expectations

Do you ever wonder just what Democrats think will happen in Senator Barack Obama's potential administration?

So the plan is, Sundries readers, we all quit our jobs on November 5th and await the shower of candies, unicorns and mortgage payments to follow. Got that?

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tweety At It Again

Senator Barack Obama's BFF, Chris Matthews, had on an old school Phillies cap today on Hardball, Philadelphian old son that he is. But he didn't stop his shenanigans there.

(Via More About Politics)

When questioning Howard Fineman about polls, he finds out that the internal name the Obama campaign give to independent Pennsylvania Republicans are "soft Republicans".

Matthews retorted, "Soft Republicans. Wassat, do they need Viagra?".

You know, after the infamous "tingle up my leg", and flubbing the word "count-ry" to sound like an misogynistic expletive towards Hillary Clinton, and dropping an F-Bomb on Imus, I think finally realised something.

"Hardball" stands for lot more than we thought.

Hey Chris. Do us all a favour and buy a red convertible Corvette, and dump your wife for a bimbo like all the other middle-aged guys hung up on boners.

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"Free The Tape"

BREAKING: Fresh photos and video from the LA Times protest, requesting they release the Rashid Khalidi dinner tape featuring Senator Obama, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

(Via Liz)



"Nixon released his tapes" Ouch!

"LAT - If you don't report, how can we decide" Exactly.

"Free the Tape!"

The blogger from Mere Rhetoric did have this to say about the protesters.

This is why we're losing. We don't know how to throw a protest. A potentially explosive national issue with questions about judgment that are at the center of a Presidential election. And do you see a single gigantic puppet? No. Idiots on stilts? Not a one. People chaining themselves to private property? Nary a lock to be seen.

No Che t-shirts, no protest coverage or even the LA Times leaning out of their balconies, capiche? In fact, today all they could muster were smirks from their offices. But it was a very different scene when more seasoned protesters were there.

And this (NSFW).

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Prince Bond

Princes William and Harry make their first appearances as royal guests-of-honour at the new Bond film's world premiere in London.

"Quantum of Solace" (Worst. Bond. Film. Name. Ever.) was shown to a star-studded audience at the Odeon in Leicester Square.

Here they are, braving the artic conditions with their shiny red noses, and impeccable smokings.

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Sarah And Joe And Todd

The newest blue-collar stars in the American firmament, together at last!

Sarah and Todd Palin, alongside a down-home Joe Wurzelbacher.

Governor Palin ripped into the L.A. Times during this event.

Joe looking sheepishly like he knows all about being ripped into.

What's up with these photographers' obsession with Republican shoes?

Awesome photo of the working-class heroes. Incidentally, that stain on Joe's trousers isn't naughty -- it's the teleprompter casting its shadow.

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The Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch Dollie

If you ask me, it looks more like the Delta Burke Cabbage Patch...with Hillary's cankles.

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The AOL Poll Results For The Baracommercial

If you think polls are skewed and unscientific, I agree. But just for the record.

As ever, click on image to enlarge.

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Your 1978 Halloween Costume

With Halloween so close, perhaps a lot of you would be interested to know about some costumes people were wearing back when.

How about Alison Arngrim, that jealous rich baddie from Little House on the Prairie, dressed up as...Amy Carter? Or is that singing like Amy Carter? Did the latter sing? Wasn't Miss Lillian's favourite singer Potzi?

So many questions, but here is an observation: Look at that state-of-the-art microphone. Woo-eee.

Fearless 2008 Halloween Costume Prediction: Apart from "B-Girl" and of course, the requisite Palin costume, I think some enterprising Halloween enthusiast will dress up as Piper.

It might even be a girl, too.

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Can you believe this is a photo not of waxworks, but of the real thing?

That's Vice-President Dick Cheney, NSA Director General Alexander, President GW Bush, and Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell.

Coming to a Madame Tussaud's near you...

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Case You Missed It

Here we go, Knox, Chickenlittle, Sundries readers. Just in case you want to see it again or for the first time, here is the video directly from Senator Obama's website.


The 'Baracommercial' Live-Blog Thread

Launched extra early for your thoughts, or just to relax together.

- What do you think he'll talk about?
- Do you think any part of it will be live?
- Will his wife and kids play any role?
- Do you think this 30 minute infomercial will backfire?
- Will there be a token audience with him?

Please try Sopcast for live-streaming television channels. That's how I have watched football matches in the past. More info, as I get it.

FLASHBACK: H. Ross Perot's 1992 infomercial.

FLASHFORWARD: Hugo Chavez of Venezuela's "Alo Presidente" weekly television programme. (Via ElCubanitoKC)

UPDATE: Please join us in the comments section, for the "live-blogging" portion.

IN THE COMMENTS: Mrs. Whatsit had the best comment of the night.

"I will always be honest with you..."

Notice the future tense. When do you suppose he's planning to start?

Zachary Paul Sire, one of the more liberal commenters on Sundries, takes us to task about our collective commentary:

I guess the parts about talking to his daughters, reading to them, his mother dying of cancer, his grandparents, and all those childhood photos...none of that was personal.

It's not that, Zach, although your point is well-taken. It's just that he doesn't emote. A politician has to learn to connect with his audience on an non-intellectual level. We know he can think and say pretty words. But does he have "soul"?

Ron goes for the funny bone.

Kansas roots? John Brown had Kansas roots, and I wouldn't vote for him either!

JSU pretty much nails my own opinion.

This was a total bomb. Obama needed personal and *real*, but he just did more of the usual packaging. The whole thing was, in aesthetic at least, just like one of those interminable convention intro videos.

Although I likened it more to a Frontline special.

One blogger, Whitney Tilson, quotes the argument (five actually) of why Senator Obama's infomercial was worth it, saying:

A friend emailed me earlier today with the argument that tonight's 30-minute Obama ad buy on all of the major networks might work against him -- it might be perceived as self-centered, piling on, presumptous, etc. -- so it was with a bit of trepidation that I watched it. I shouldn't have worried. It was brilliant. Not one word about McCain, Palin or Bush or any negative attacks; instead, Obama took the high road and addressed two critically important questions: 1) Who is Barack Obama?; and 2) What will he do as President?

Tilson quotes HuffPo:

Let's be honest: the Obama infomercial was about comforting white Americans - especially middle and working class white Americans. That said, it was arguably necessary and - for what it was - very effective.

You hear that White America? It was for you. Hope you, err we, enjoyed it.

Exit question: For liberals, it's always about race, isn't it?

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The Year Sons Betrayed Their Fathers

I don't believe this. I am in utter shock.

Jorge Mas Santos of the Cuban American National Foundation, the absolute bedrock of Cuban-American anti-Communist sentiment, has endorsed Barack Obama for President. CLARIFICATION: It's not a formal endorsement, just to make that clear. But he wrote in his Washington Post Op-Ed piece that Obama would be the best choice for a freer Cuba.

That's the sound of my jaw hitting the keyboard, followed by the sound of my keyboard hitting the wall...

I always knew that boy was no good, ever since the Elian case...ugh.

I met his late father, Jorge Mas Canosa, a few times socially and that man was a leader. I think he is spinning in his grave today, to see what his son has done to his legacy. First William F. Buckley's principles were made a mockery by his son Christopher, and now Jorgito has too.

Meanwhile, Sergei Khrushchev is a proud American citizen, living in the freedom his father's country never provided him with. If you have to rebel, that's something you rebel FOR. Wonder who he will be voting for in 2008...wait, I don't think I can take any more shocks.


Babalublog calls him a Liar
Val Says He's a Disgrace

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Sundries Will Live-Blog Barack Obama's Infomercial

Due to popular demand in the previous thread, Sundries will have an open comments section during the "Baracommercial" (h/t Laurie).

It's intended to be a conservative-friendly area, so please use other resources for diverging viewpoints. I'll launch a thread at 7:30 PM EST.

As a preview, here's Michael Ramirez' IBD cartoon today. Truth or consequences?

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Your Plans For The Baramercial?

I'm thinking of not watching the latest egotistical Barackapolis installment. But if I do, I'll be over at Althouse. How about you?

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McCain In Miami Again

Senator John McCain pays South Florida another visit on Wednesday, this time to an even closer locale to me than the FIU one!

Everglades Lumber
6991 S.W. 8 Street
Miami, FL 33144

Doors Open at 7:30 a.m.

It's being called the Joe the Plumber rally, and my goodness, I think Joe Wurzelbacher might be there. JOE!

But would you believe that I am unavoidably detained all day Wednesday, and will not be able to make it? I could smack myself silly.

If Sarah Palin makes a surprise appearance, I will commit hari-kiri on myself....

However, I am aware that I owe you some snaps from the FIU rally, but I have a surprise for you about that. Since it's a surprise, I won't say what I'll be doing with it, but it's not fair not to give you ANYTHING, so here goes a sneak peek at some photos from that day.


The "Blacks Against Obama" people made a protest appearance!

That's the Michael Warns group, which a friend of mine says is cult-like, but what do we know.

This was after the rally, as ironically, they made it inside the University of Miami Obama rally, but the McCain camp didn't allow them to protest inside the FIU McCain rally.

If we were so full of hatred, as mainstream media would have you believe, they would've relished their presence inside the basketball arena.

Check out this couple goofing alongside the protesters. Classic.

Stay tuned for a whole blogpost on the McCain rally...sometime soon.

UPDATE: Joe Wurzelbacher didn't show up! It's just the "theme" of these JTP rallies. Man, thank God I didn't go. I've given McCain my support in person. We waited 3 hours for it. I'll wait double that for Sarah.

When is she coming down?!

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America's Fighting Lady

Recognise iron when you see it, America!

You fight, Sarah, fight until the end. We got your back.

Flashback to the 1980 Election.

Teddy Kennedy: "Carter says Baloney"? How apposite that Obama=Carter, Biden=Kennedy are the opponents in 2008.

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Stop The Junta

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Rain Favours Republicans

That's what ABC News is saying about election day. Bad news in South Florida, then: it's predicted to be very sunny on November 4.

Whether in the form of rain or snow, precipitation was the major weather issue that kept voters away — the authors found that "cold temperatures do not significantly decrease voter turnout."

According to their research, three presidential Election Days from 1948 to 2000 had well above-average precipitation across the USA: 1972, 1992, and 2000, when rain or snow caused hundreds of thousands of voters to stay home.

You know what? Good. I want the most amount of people to come out to vote. On the contrary, due to what I saw in 2004 at my polling station, this favours the Republicans.

We don't want to win on the cheap.


Horn Broke

As far as bumperstickers go, this is my favourite.

"Horn Broke Watch For Finger"

Heh. And it was a chick inside too!

(Notice the "Freedom is Not Free Death To Terrorists". Forget it, even without a political sticker, that's a Republican for sure)

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Team Of Mavericks

Future Mavericks at the Shippenburg University rally, on Tuesday.

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Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(Via Ace)

Incidentally, congratulations to Amy Poehler who gave birth to a baby boy the exact Saturday after her magnificent Moose Rap. It would've been unthinkable without her.

ADDED: I was thinking of this skit just now, and I have wanted to mention something for a long while.

You know how immediately after Palin appeared on SNL, that the Left Blogosphere were in the a tizzy saying that the cast had essentially made fun of Palin to her face, and she just stood there and took it. They also suggested that Republicans were too stupid to notice, and the joke was on them since we all seemed to love the skit.

Well, actually no.

Here's why we loved it -- first, Sarah Palin was a shockingly good sport in those skits, but she got her cracks in too. Furthermore, Poehler's rap had the now instant classic, "When I say Obama you say Ayers!" line, as well as the "The Bridge ain't going no where". Lastly, when Lorne Michaels commented on Palin's appearance, he was amazingly fair to her, saying that whilst he didn't share her politics, that she was gracious and understood why she appealed to so many people.

See guys, it's like this.

When we Righties complain that media coverage was biased before, sometimes we were complaining because it just rubbed us the wrong way. All that meant previously is that we are upset that there is a sham pretense to be neutral.

But don't misunderstand -- by this, we aren't suggesting that we want media coverage to be fawningly positive. We just want it to be FAIR.

When we perceive something to be giving both sides of the aisle the same dose of hard medicine, that's okay with us. Truly.

Again, all we want is the same treatment doled out in as equal shares as possible. That's what SNL did in that show towards Palin, reinforced later by Michaels' words.

I guess we shouldn't be grateful for this, because this is the way it should be, but I think I speak for many when I say, we sure appreciated it.

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Final Prediction

October 29, 2008

For the record, my two previous predictions.

September 17, 2008

September 9, 2008

ADDED: My wildest, no-way-I-would-die-and-go-to-heaven EV scenario: California, and Washington State going Red. We'll see.


Bring Down Slanderous Jack Murtha

Contribute to his opponent's campaign, as I did just now -- to the tune of $25.

Here is the link (PayPal accepted)

Senator Ted Stevens has been convicted and good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. But Representative Murtha is equally as scummy, in almost every public pronouncement for three decades.

Become a Russell Brigade member for the good of Pennyslvania and for our Congress. They deserve better, and so do the rest of us.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Says Blah Blah Blah

Governor Palin and Senator John McCain were absolutely on fire today, in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Senator McCain used the phrase above to needle his opponent's 'eloquence' -- like many people in the audience, I ell-oh-elled.

And just because Ruth Anne Adams, our own Optimist Mom, said the loveliest words about Sundries earlier, I add this blogpost just for your extra happies today.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

ADDED: Tension? What tension? Keep spinning, MSM.

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Cup O' Joe

Is this election all about Joes, or what?

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Sally Heath Gets A Special Song

Sarah Palin asked the crowd, and Gretchen Wilson to sing Happy Birthday to Sally Heath, Palin's mother, over her Blackberry, all the way over in Alaska.

Just how cool and genuine is this lady? Seriously.

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Tito Muñoz, the Colombian immigrant who joined the Joe the Builder chorus with a personalised email to Governor Palin, actually got to introduce his heroine in person.

Go Tito!

In related news, it was announced that Joe Wurzelbacher, whose child support payments are suspiciously being investigated all of a sudden..., will join the same McCain-Palin campaign on the stump.

You know, I'm not sure I like that. Joe the Plumber belongs to all of America. He asked a question that involves all of us -- it's his choice, of course, but I'd rather he stayed away from the actual stumping duties.

IN THE COMMENTS: Blake makes a good point about Joe's participation.

That's all very well and good, but if I were Joe I'd be stumping, too.

If Obama and his followers tried to destroy me for asking a question, you can bet I'd want to make sure "that one" isn't in power.

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Thank You For Your Service

I saw this photo last night of Spc. Clayton Hodge serving in Afghanistan, and had to choke back a tear.

These men and women are my heroes, every one of them. God bless them and keep them safe, always.

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Because Violent Idiots Exist In Both Parties

I'm sure you've heard the story, so the least said, soonest mended...

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