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Thursday, November 13, 2008

"He Could've Run With Jesus Christ And Still Lost"

One of the most accessed blogposts on Sundries is the one I did during Hurricane Katrina, about ex-Vogue writer, current Newsweek contributor, and general Mississippi heroine, Julia Reed. Indeed, if you Google her name, you'll see that my post is the first hit.

I recently bought her The House on First Street book, precisely centered around her Katrina experiences, though I was sad to hear I just missed her book signing down here in South Florida.

I think I know why I like Julia Reed. She strikes a dissonant note from the usual commenters in the world of journalism, combining the vaunted Southern art of conversation, with a no-frills deadpan voice. As was said about Joni Mitchell, if you want to sound like her, you have to drink that Bourbon and smoke those cigarettes for YEARS.

The effect is not hyper-combative like Chris Matthews, or bimbo conciliatory like Mika Brzezinski, but someone you would actually like to draw out in conversation.

Here she is talking of Palin, McCain, her dad's opinion of Barack Obama's win (suspiciously close to mine, without the Zenness), and her book.

ADDED: The two politicians mentioned by Reed, as the reason why her father took Obama's nodoubtaboutit win (which he predicted) so well, are Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker, the two Senators from Mississippi -- both Republicans.

That's precisely why I didn't take the gaspipe on November 4th. I thought to myself, hey, I still have Mel Martinez (R-FL) as my Senator, whilst the three-fer Republicans, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the two Diaz-Balarts, Lincoln and Mario, were ALL re-elected that day. It wunn't even close either.

So America turned Left? Really? Well, in South Florida, we're still Right. As Tip O'Neill said, all politics is local...and my local is still Republican.

Now if you live in Oregon, and are Republican, then yeah. Take the gaspipe.

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  • Mel Martinez is a Republican? Are you sure?

    By Blogger JSU, at Thu Nov 13, 12:42:00 am GMT-5  

  • Sigh, yes, well...

    You know actually, I was thinking about this last night. The head of the RNC before Mike Duncan was Mel Martinez -- 2006/7.

    Fat lot of good that did us with Hispanics in the US, huh?

    I am working on a post about that.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Thu Nov 13, 12:44:00 am GMT-5  

  • In Michigan, we don't need politicians to take the gaspipe; GM will do just fine!

    By Blogger Ron, at Thu Nov 13, 12:47:00 am GMT-5  

  • Whenever I look at Jennifer Granholm, with her kewpie doll Canadian face, and think of the way she's taken your State down the tax toilet, Ron, I want to barf.

    I hope to post on the potential car industry bailout soon...


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Thu Nov 13, 12:54:00 am GMT-5  

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