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Saturday, November 15, 2008

If This Is Sarah Palin

I'll eat a moose hat.

These are supposedly taken by the Hotel Intercontinental pool.

Incidentally, you have to go into the Spa area, to go to the pool. I alluded to the fact in my previous blogpost that I asked staff if they had seen Governor Palin, but what I didn't tell you is that I did inquire that question of a high-level staffer as well as my spa attendant.

According to this person, Governor Palin didn't go to the pool, at all.

She used the gym only after it had closed to members at night, and then only once, on Wednesday. The gym was very small incidentally -- I was given a tour. It's about a 1200 x 700 foot room, with about 10 machines of each with television monitors on them.

(Found a photo)

So if that is Sarah Palin by the pool, and the first looks the closest to her, but the second looks like a man in drag, copying the pose of the first photo, I would be surprised.

Shave off that five o'clock shadow, Sarah.

ADDED: Remember when Governor Palin said she had gone one Halloween, as Tina Fey -- and as usual, the Left Blogosphere thought she was lying?

Todd's dad and step-mother just confirmed it:

"Added Faye Palin, ‘‘I think Sarah would be laughing right along with everybody. Tina Fey did a great job.

What was so ironic about that was that several years ago, Sarah went to a Halloween party as Tina Fey. So it was just kind of like this whole thing went full circle."

There are so many rumours, and half-truths spun about this woman, that it seemed the right post to put that particular baby to bed.

UPDATE: I had a Michael Steele post planned, and a political-assistant-as-eunuch post planned, but it's late, and I'm lazy.

But I didn't want this post to stand without an update, since apparently, I am in for a moose hat tasty treat. More photos of the purported Sarah Palin at the pool.

She's drinking a Diet Coke, and has a Blackberry near her. That's her all right. I hope moose hat tastes good.

(Incidentally, I'll kill myself if I was at the pool area on Wednesday -- the day I went to scope things out -- having lunch at the bar there, and didn't realise she was around)

ONE MORE: Okay, the high-level staffer I spoke to might not have been lying to me, if this story is true.

These photos may be of Sarah Palin, but they are not at the Intercontinental. They are at the Madarin hotel, nearby.

According to news reports, Gov. Sarah Palin skipped the lunchtime political briefing at the Republican Governors Association meeting in Miami on Wednesday, preferring to do an interview with CNN. But she did manage to get in some pool time later in the day.

A Yeas & Nays spy spotted Palin and an aide poolside at Miami's Mandarin Oriental hotel (the GOP meetings are being held a mile away at the Intercontinental).

Rather than a bathing suit, the Pride of Wasilla was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, thanks to the windy, overcast weather.

Yes, it was overcast on Wednesday. And though not all the angles look like her, it could be because I suspect that they are shot with a cellphone camera and are really blurry.

I'm still skeptical that ALL the photos are her, but some of the details do add up.

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