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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Republicans: Thank Your Lucky Stars For Sarah Palin

I am off to bed, as I prepare for a full day of Republican Governors Association reporting tomorrow.

As I watched local and national coverage of Palin, in this media post-election barrage about her, I was struck by how easily she has re-insinuated herself into the national narrative. The gal didn't miss a beat, did she?

Then I wondered if the other Republican governors at the convention, perhaps with their own Presidential ambitions in the coming years, were beginning to get annoyed or jealous about the attention this woman was drawing to her. After all, she was part of a losing ticket. The Party of Lincoln should be more than just about Sarah Palin, don't you think?

Well, not exactly.

Take away all the ego from the situation, which is difficult, but necessary given the post-election blues, the other Republicans attending the conference should feel absolutely blessed to have this woman amongst them.

This includes, may I add, Governor Charlie Crist of Florida, who more than a few people suspect, wants to run for the Presidency in 2012.


Because by all rights, the Republicans after November 4, 2008 should be dead. Lifeless. No heartbeat. Some are even declaring them a spent force politically for at least the next 20 years.

Clearly, these are partisans, and probably youthful ones at that, who think a win means a sea-change in American worldview, hoping against hope that Barack Obama will do for Democrats what Ronald Reagan did for Republicans in 1980 -- he made Liberal a dirty word.

For them, they think Barack Obama will make "Conservative" a dirty word.

No chance.

You've heard this a million times since the election, but this country is still a centre-right country. The election elevated the most Leftist man ever to seriously make a run for it from a major Party, but gay marriage was voted down in all three States where it was also on the ballot. New gun owners are being born by the thousands this year, in part due to their distrust of Obama (a fear that gun laws may be tightened). Americans still overwhelmingly believe in God. And just for added kicks, they believe in patriotism, and are deafeningly pro-military.

Barack Obama's repudiation was not a striking down of Conservatism, but a reaction to 8 years of George W. Bush, the economic meltdown, and the chance to make an once-in-a-lifetime historic choice. Do you doubt it? Consider this.

- People whose best pocketbook interests were not served by a Leftist inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, voted for him in droves. He will raise their taxes, but they didn't care.

- People who wanted to "punish" an anti-immigration platform, did so by voting against the guy who was their champion -- John McCain.

- People who were religious, rural and blue-collar voted for an urbane, snobby chap who said they clung to guns and Bibles, and whose own religious background was shepherded by a Christian pastor who spewed black supremacist hatred to his face for 20 years.

Looking at these facts, is it a small wonder that Democrats think the Republican Party is on life support?

But it's not. You know why it's not? In part, in very large part, because the personal magnetism of Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

When tickets lose, usually the losers disappear from television for a good long while. Nothing marks one as cruelly in America, as being associated with losing the Presidency. Jimmy Carter was a joke the moment he lost the election. Even the Iranians laughed at him by refusing to release those 444 hostages on his watch, and he was the sitting President not the challenger!

John Kerry and John Edwards weren't seen for months after their loss. Journalists pounded their campaign for their lack of standing for anything, even before Kerry's Faneuil Hall speech was over.

That should have been what happened to Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. In fact, it's half-true.

John McCain retired to his Arizona ranch to grill Brats and ribs for almost a week, and the only reason he reappeared on the scene, a full 6 days later, was to explain his campaign's trashing of his running-mate. If not, he could've continued grilling until well into January without a peep wanted or needed.

In the strangest way, if it hadn't been for those nefarious leaks which McCain did very little to strike down, maybe Sarah Palin wouldn't have been as ubiquitous on our sets this week. If they had wanted to bury her, they should just have ignored her and let the last image of her be the woman misty-eyed next to McCain on the Arizona Biltmore dais.

Of course, that wouldn't have happened anyway. Media knew a ratings star when they saw her, and that certainly describes Sarah Palin.

She received offers to host a Fox News show almost immediately. Even porn kings laid down before her a $3 million offer if only she would star in her own version of Nailin' Palin. And when her appearance at the governors conference in Miami was confirmed, the usual 30 press passes issued for the event, quadrupled.

They weren't quadrupling for Tim Pawlenty or even our sainted star of the future, Bobby Jindal, guys. The only reason for this astounding increase, is that feisty little lady from Alaska.

Palin is the ticket out of political Siberia for Republicans. The savvier amongst them realise that.

So long as she is, with media slobbering over themselves to dedicate "What will she do now?" shows about her, and with a very nervous Liberal opposition on blogs masking their unease as bitter hatred, she will continue to elevate her fellow Republicans.

By every standard, after such an election which was portentous with anti-Republican sentiment, no Republican politician should remotely be spoken of for weeks.

This should be Obama Time. All Obama. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

It's not.

No doubt even Palin won't be able to keep up the white hot intensity of the klieg lights on her as she has this week, but the fact that she has been the centre of attraction during the key first days after an historic win by President-Elect Obama, speaks volumes.

Sarah Palin isn't done. She hasn't been vanquished. In fact, Palin Time is ticking along nicely.

Republicans, thank your lucky stars for Sarah Palin, and her ability to give you a happy, hopeful face, instead of that long Kerry face of defeat.

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  • Sarah Palin isn't done. She hasn't been vanquished. In fact, Palin Time is ticking along nicely.

    Did your hear that Mr. Sullivan? tic-tock, tic-tock.

    Nice job Victoria. Welt'rusten and good luck tomorrow. :)

    By Blogger chickelit, at Thu Nov 13, 02:52:00 am GMT-5  

  • Let me repeat myself and say again how astonished I have been by the treatment of Sarah Palin. She's almost the anti-Barack in the way people give him a pass on everything and her a pass on nothing, not even on completely, utterly absurd nonsense. The willingness of people to believe the most ridiculous things about her didn't even happen to Reagan. And then women! Most of my educated female friends can't stand Palin and say the worst things about her. You should really write more about that phenomenon, Victoria. My hunch is that a lot of educated career women are jealous of Palin having children and a husband, which a lot of my educated late twenties/early thirties friends do not. But maybe I'm being sexist here.

    I think less of America after this election. For electing Obama and for treating Palin in the shocking manner that she has been treated. America has disappointed me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Nov 13, 05:53:00 am GMT-5  

  • Anonymous:
    You just voiced something that comedien Dennis Miller pointed out: they're jealous that she probably has a great, non-neurotic sex life. [The whole clip is posted on my blog].

    I think it's based more on fertility than sexuality. 40 million babies have been aborted since 1973. There have been about 30 million women who've had abortions. They don't like to see someone so in-your-face with all that fertility. It makes them recall their pain/shame/unrealized child. And you do know that about 90% of known cases of children with Down are aborted. There are many, many fewer children with Down being born nowadays. She's the personification of their pain and resentment.

    By Blogger Ruth Anne Adams, at Thu Nov 13, 06:23:00 pm GMT-5  

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