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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vote For The Nir Barkat Of Your Choice

You thought US elections were a hoot, here is an opposition cut-out showing the many "faces" of Nir Barkat.

This secular software mogul won the Jerusalem mayor's office yesterday, but his opponents tried to paint him as trying to palm himself off as all things to all people. In the poster you can see him depicted as being Right, Left, a Kadima Party nerd with glasses, and finally, an ultra-Orthodox Jew.

In fact, the mayor he defeated an ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbi, Meir Porush, who was the haredim (as the religious are called) choice to succeed the first-ever ultra-Orthodox rabbi mayor, Uri Lupoliansky. He won 52% to Porush's 43%. Arkadi Gaydamak, one of the Russian oligarchs also running for mayor, who courted the Arab vote..., got a mere 4% of the vote.

And you know what that means.

You can buy the US Presidency, but not the Jerusalem mayoralty...

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