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Sunday, October 05, 2008

I've Got A Bracelet Too!

As you know, I follow Governor Palin's daily trajectory closely via photographs, scouring the sites to post for your bemusement here.

I noticed a detail, which perhaps you caught too during the debate, but I wanted to see if it was an one-time deal, or if she carried on the custom.

For it is that she wore an military bracelet similar to the one famous sported by her running-mate, Senator McCain. I thought at the time:

"AHA. Sneaky! She came prepared in case Ifill or Biden brought one up."

But as you see here from Saturday's rally, she's still wearing it, so I conjecture the bracelet was given to her by her son, Track, currently deployed in Iraq.

Incidentally, she is given bracelets to wear frequently by fans in a ropeline. There's another photo of her wearing a Lance Armstrong yellow bracelet, given to her by a woman in the crowd. You can see another above, too.

So far, only Senator Obama wearing a bracelet looks like a copy-cat stunt, and this apparently after he was asked not to wear it anymore by the mother of the fallen soldier. Classy.



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