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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Will She Or Won't She?

Come on, Hillary. Pee-pee or get off the pot.

This long-drawn out guessing game about whether Senator Clinton will become our next Secretary of State (pending Senate confirmation) belies the talk that Democrats have their act together.

Here's the deal:

You do not, under any circumstances, float out Hillary Clinton's name for Foggy Bottom consideration, unless you are absolutely sure the lady will accept the position.

I've heard all kinds of conspiracy theories about all the implications. The big one is this:

- Obama and Hillary both wanted to come out smelling like roses, he by offering his major rival a meaty position; she by denying it to work on her health care dream.

I didn't think this made sense in the beginning, and I still do not. Why tie yourself to a man who is possibly an one-termer, whilst on his end, he would give untold ammunition to the woman all too eager to play a prominent world role?

(In case you wonder if I think she's more capable than Richard Holbrooke, of course not. But you have to understand that diplomacy is about leverage, not knowledge. She brings a caché to the role that other nations would have to sit up and take notice)

Senator Ted Kennedy has this very day appointed her to a committee exploring insurance coverage, and one doesn't do that if you feel she's not long for the Senate (or that her time will be otherwise engaged).

Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Edward Kennedy named fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton to lead a working group on insurance coverage in the effort to write health-care legislation.

Sure, Kennedy could've appointed her merely as a tribute, and it's still possible she'll accept the Secretary of State job, but this entire overture has just looked...loosey-goosey.

This whole situation reminds me of President Clinton scrambling to fill his cabinet. It's amateur hour, all over again, ugh. This lack of professionalism about Democratic Presidents that makes most Republicans cry out in frustration. Most don't mind being in opposition, so long as we know the country is in steady hands: our enemies are less likely to attack if they perceive strength, however mistaken some think it is.

Now, if she walks away, it'll compound the feeling of wishy-washiness that Democrats were unable or unwilling to kick out Joe Lieberman from the Homeland Security post, even after much gnashing of teeth against him.

Are you kidding me? I am grateful to Joe for his support, but this is just spineless. If I had been in charge, and he had pulled a Zell Miller in 2008, he would've been out of his post long ago.

Who knows, maybe it might've motivated him and John McCain to secede from their Parties, and form their own...call it the Joe-Mac Party. We'll throw in Lindsey Graham for free.

As Republicans stare with horror at the Big Government last breath of the Bush Administration, with bailout this, and rescue plan the other, we look to the other side with genuine hope that things will improve.

From my vantage point, we're all going downhill and someone has jimmied with the brakes. Halp us John Karri.

UPDATE: Oh God. The guy who finessed the Marc Rich pardon (and is opposed to the death penalty) has been tapped as the nation's first black Attorney General.

IN THE COMMENTS: Arrgh. Jal makes a good point about Holder.

Holder also had a part in the pardon of the FALN terrorists by Clinton.

Nice, huh.

FALN. Marc Rich. Susan McDougal. Dan Rostenkowski. Roger Freaking Clinton too!

Actually, Holder is now looking like a fiasco to me. Like his putative boss, his record is anti-gun, and he was the Assistant AG charged by Janet Reno to handle the Elian Gonzalez case.

So guard yer kids, and get yer guns.

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  • Holder also had a part in the pardon of the FALN terrorists by Clinton.

    Nice, huh.


    By Blogger JAL, at Wed Nov 19, 12:01:00 am GMT-5  

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