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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I don't know what I expected, and possibly the reaction is in some way related to the brevity of the Conclave (a mere two days), but I find the MSM reaction of today's events distinctly underwhelming.

Now listen -- we don't have to have 24/7 coverage on all channels to say the coverage has been comprehensive.

But the reaction to "Papa Ratzi" via CNN, and other channels of their ilk, has been critical to the point of being disheartening. I have the vague suspicion their worst fears were realised, and their tone is accutely bitter.

In fact, today's coverage with a few exceptions, has had a very 3 November feel to it.

"Oh no, not again!"

Hmm. Well part of this MSM reaction is no doubt exhaustion, fatigue, even the onset of ennui (since nothing is less proactive in our very active modern world, than watching someone else do something we have no part in).

But a lot of it has to do with disappointment.

Disappointment at the outcome. An older Pope. European, white, conservative. Not Latin American, mixed, and dynamic. Not black. Not indigenous. Not Asian. No, just an elderly man, who used clear and strong language reaffirming the status-quo, every chance he got.

Disappointment that the process was not more long-drawn out, and therefore, a heightened suspense won't be maintained, with eyeballs glued to their coverage.

Disappointment that the people interviewed in many countries seemed positive rather than negative towards the new Pope. Almost universally, reactions on the street were good. And when you don't think the outcome is good, you have to scramble to offer critiques, you yourself. I guess they think of themselves as the conscience of the silent or disaffected.

But one wonders, would they have been so enthusiastic in their defence of a Pope many didn't want? Because that's the flip side, which never seems to come to pass despite shouts of 'objectivity'.

And that's just on the English-language channels.

The moment they could, Telemundo/Univision and the rest, turned away from the most exciting story of the year, and put on their novelas for us to enjoy.

I dare not think of the plaster-coverage if, instead of Papa Ratzi, it had been Papa Maradiaga, even Hummes, waving from the balcony.

My dears.

"La Mujer en el Espejo" would've been dumped faster than Polish flags by Vatican street vendors.

UPDATE: Here is a link to a similar blog post by The Anchoress. Thanks to JSU for the H/T.

No Honeymoon For Benedict XVI


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