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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Desperately Seeking Ratzinger

Ooh! I just found a live viddie on the Habemus Papam announcement.

It was taken by a 1L Notre Dame student named Brendan Loy, in the student lounge area of the Notre Dame Law School campus. He was even Instalanched for his efforts.

He also has screenshots, to go along with the live student reaction to the Estevez Medina balcony pronouncement.

Apparently, he also isn't at all afraid of identity theft, since in his "About Me" section, he lists his DOB, birthplace, his full name, and mum's maiden name. Heh.

Perhaps he's heard that God protects, fools, drunkards, and lawyers.

(How else can one explain F. Lee Bailey? ...oh hush)

Anyhoo. If you happen to find a live video reaction mpeg online, of any public Habemus Papam situation, or have one yourself, please let me know toute-de-suite.

I'm collecting them for posterity and all that jazz.


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