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Monday, May 23, 2005

The Heat is On!

I told my neighbour around 7 PM tonight, why don't we go to the Miami Heat v. Detroit Pistons game, and she said, "You crazy? Those tickets are sold out!".

What I meant was, just let's go hang outside and soak in the atmosphere, of this big big NBA Eastern Conference Final series, which started tonight at the Triple-A (American Airlines Arena) -- which isn't 5 minutes away from our residence.

So we went, and the atmosphere was absolutely delicious!

Heat is On!

...next best thing to being at the game.

(I'm just amazed it's not raining in Miami/Miami beach today, after a wet weekend. See, it rarely rains here, despite what people imagine is a sub-tropical climate. We have rainy seasons from late July to August, but other than that, it's sunny. And yet WHENEVER THERE IS A NATIONALLY TELEVISED EVENT...it seems to rain, giving people a completely false impression. This is also true of friends who visit -- weird)

I saw a woman with an aerosol can, painting fans' hair the requisite red and black colours ($10 for the hair/$15 for the face or body paint), but alas, I chickened out. Instead, I got a slap-on tattoo featuring "Red Hot" and the Heat logo on my wrist.

Itchy. But fun.

Oh and we also saw a man lugging a huge Burnie costume in dry cleaning wrappers over his back, entering the Arena through the rear entrance.

Burnice, Burnie's wife, will be jealous

Sometimes, it's better not to know too much, you know?

My prediction for the series: Pistons in 6.

It's been a nice ride, but the Pistons have more game, and Shaq is ailing.


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