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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Commenter JAL mentioned earlier something I had meant to post about.

did you hear that Sarah registered at the hotel in NY (for the SNL appearance)under the name Tina Palin (! ;-) )

I had indeed, JAL, and I thought that was just the coolio-est thing evah. Does this lady have a sense of humour, or what?

Online gossip site, TMZ, also posts some more details about her hotel stay, à la that now discredited rumour about the Michelle Lobster treats.

Palin asked for and got copies of the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, New York Post, Daily News, and USA Today. No Wash Post -- of course they're on Team Obama now.

We also learned how the Governatrix keeps that pageant-ready figure -- all she asked for is diet soda, Atkins bars, and skinny white chocolate mochas ... but no whip. We're told Palin made it VERY clear, she's not into whip.

Our favorite part -- her peeps also specify the kind of coffee stirrer she wants -- "thin red straw." She's a red-stater right down to the thing that stirs her drink.

Thin red straw? Well, though the 'Cuda is certainly not going to give any rockstar a run for their pampered money, that is a little picky.

Wonder what's up with that?

Incidentally, the first name was Tina, but the hotel tipster didn't reveal the surname she registered under (not Palin or Fey, apparently). Considering she is quite the card, I'm guessing she went for an obvious dig.

Tina Noonan.

P.S.: Atkins bars? See, if more stuff like this had been revealed earlier, at least some of the loathing would have been muted.

I am convinced this is due in part to her bewildering combination of beauty and an effortless-seeming lifestyle, something which drives some women into paroxysms of hatred.

In their minds, it's like Palin was put on earth specifically to make them draw instant unflattering comparisons with themselves.

If it had been revealed on August 30th that she was on a rigourous diet, and her workout routine was less because she loves athletics, but because she does it as she gains weight easily, the animosity would've been less maniacal.

I mean, you know, what woman can be threatened by Hillary's cankles? But a mother of five with those skinny hips, gang way.

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