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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Iranian Caviar Story Pulled

The New York Post had a story of Michelle Obama ordering room service recently. This arugula-eating family seems to have very fancy tastes in food in general.

So do I, actually.

I love Blinis, and order Ossetian caviare via my local speciality shop. But you know, I'm not running on a "spread the wealth" platform for the Presidency of the United States, or to be its First Lady in a time of economic turmoil.

Even Oliver Stone's dummy, Dubya, gave up golf pro-tem, so as not to be seen enjoying himself as people died.

Here is how one blog reported it:

Though he's battling GOP accusations that he's an Ivy League elitist, Barack Obama has a lifestyle of the rich and famous, like TV show host Robin Leach, who always signed off, "Champagne wishes and caviar dreams!" While he was at a meeting at the Waldorf-Astoria at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Michelle Obama called room service and ordered lobster hors d'oeuvres, two whole steamed lobsters, Iranian caviar and champagne, a tipster told Page Six.

But now, the story seems to have been pulled from the Post's gossip pages.

Either the story was just not true.

Or Senator Obama's camp threatened the newspaper in some way to retract the story.

Or the story is true, but proving embarrassing to Senator and Mrs. Obama, they played hardball and had it pulled anyway.

I'm going with scenario number one because the other two are just too scary to think about. It would mean that we literally cannot say anything negative about The One.

Who knows. Hopefully, the Post is just reordering its archives...

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  • The Post has always been anti-Obama, and has endorsed McCain, so they would've left it up there if it were true.

    But even if it were true...seriously? I mean, really? This is the kind of thing that people are supposed to care about?

    In other news, Cindy McCain released her tax returns yesterday...

    By Blogger Zachary Paul Sire, at Sat Oct 18, 12:11:00 pm GMT-4  

  • You betcha Zach, but Cindy's *supposed* to be all snooty, ya know?


    Me? I like rainbow trout ...

    By Blogger JAL, at Sat Oct 18, 03:04:00 pm GMT-4  

  • http://:www.nypost.com/seven/10172008/gossip/pagesix/obamas_fancy_snack_133922.htm

    Just for the record.

    Proabably the leaker got canned. Can't have leaks at the Waldorf ...

    By Blogger JAL, at Sat Oct 18, 03:09:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Oops.
    It runs off the page in my browser -- the end of the link is:


    By Blogger JAL, at Sat Oct 18, 03:17:00 pm GMT-4  

  • It's an unverified story that you hope isn't true but you refer to it again in your next post as if it is true. Nice.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Oct 18, 05:36:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Did you read that site? Sounds fake to me. Iranian caviar! Come on, a fake post to incite the racists and it worked from reading the comments. Yuck.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Oct 18, 06:02:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Can't have leaks at the Waldorf ...

    Hmmmm. Better call Joe the Plumber.

    By Blogger Ruth Anne Adams, at Sat Oct 18, 08:28:00 pm GMT-4  

  • http://www.farsinet.com/caviar/faq.html

    Iranian caviar.

    So there. (1st google listing)

    BTW -- if you scroll down to the bottom of the caviar page you can leave comments. :-) Check it out.

    I still like trout better.

    By Blogger JAL, at Sat Oct 18, 11:26:00 pm GMT-4  

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