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Thursday, October 16, 2008

ElCubanitoKC Becomes An American

Sundries' newest friend, Ernie el Cubano-Americano stuck in los boonies en Kansas City (got that?), will be swearing-in as an American citizen this Thursday at 8:30 AM. Many many congrats.

You take that flag, Ernie!

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  • Congratulations, Ernie!

    Dude, I am not reading "You Take that Flag" again just now. Last time, I couldn't stop crying. Hours later a line from it would pop into my head, and I'd start all over again.

    By Blogger Bekah, at Thu Oct 16, 10:58:00 am GMT-4  

  • If it's any consolation, my dear Bekah, tears were pouring down my cheeks in childlike rivulets as I composed it.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Thu Oct 16, 10:08:00 pm GMT-4  

  • It is indeed!

    Also, I lied. I couldn't keep myself from reading it again, right after I said I wouldn't. I still can't breathe through my nose.

    By Blogger Bekah, at Thu Oct 16, 10:42:00 pm GMT-4  

  • OMG! You guys made me cry just now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It is such a great HONOR to be able to call myself part of this country's citizenry. It has been a long arduous process, but it is finally over. I love my country!

    By Blogger ElcubanitoKC, at Fri Oct 17, 09:33:00 am GMT-4  

  • I don't think anything is more heartening--especially when it seems like things are so dark--than to read that there are still people who want to come here, love America, and want to be Americans themselves.

    By Blogger knox, at Fri Oct 17, 05:43:00 pm GMT-4  

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