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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Third Debate In Photographs

As usual, I present you with a photographic recap of the US Presidential debates. Hope you enjoy them!

You know, it strikes me that these debates had a strange Triple Crown feel to them. It started at Ole Miss, then went to Belmont in Tennessee, and ended up in New York. That's vaguely analogous to the two Southern races, the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, with the Belmont Stakes in New York to cap it off.

But no one walked away with the Crown.


Our photographer spared us another boring Miami locale shot, and went to San Francisco instead. This is the practically empty World Gym during the debate. Just looking at it makes me happy I didn't join a fitness centre that is a meat market, like Ballys or World Gym. Our machines have individual screens, at that.

Mrs. Obama settles herself in prior to the debate.

A tense Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and her relaxed-looking husband, Edwin, were present. Hempstead, New York is practically next door to them.

Senator Hillary Clinton mugs to the camera.

The long view of the debate, highlighting the space between the two men (more than I thought). Bob Schieffer controlled the dialogue with what can only be called the football "hurrying the Quarterback" tactic. Mostly Senator McCain, though.

The Smirk...

A very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Senator McCain. Whatever makeup he had on, worked to his advantage. He looked much better than usual.

It's over!



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