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Thursday, October 16, 2008


The much hinted at surprise for the readership!

Okay, so it's not the candidate I want to see of the two, but you know that I couldn't pass up a rally in my backyard. You should see what I had to go through just to get these tickets too, whew.

But I'll be there with bells on and so will all those on Sundries!



  • Incredible, Vic! Naturally many pictures will be taken...maybe the Palinator know you through this blog! Much excitement to be had!

    By Blogger Ron, at Thu Oct 16, 04:40:00 am GMT-4  

  • Thanks, Ron!! It's not that I don't like John McCain. But he's just not a Republican, with regret.

    However, I loved the vibe in the "Victory Office" and I felt like I had come home. Very strange. It's like we all of us are fighting for a guy who sometimes doesn't give that impression.

    Much excitement indeed! I can't wait. :)

    Like Bekah, I think I will cry if I meet Palin. Not because of the starstruck aspect, but because she is a true conservative. It feels like a release to like something which reflects precisely what you believe in.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Thu Oct 16, 04:43:00 am GMT-4  

  • That's great Victoria! I think each rally over the final three weeks will be important and Obama's lead will disappear as Americans learn more about him and his socialistic plans for our country!

    By Blogger Jose Aguirre, at Thu Oct 16, 08:19:00 am GMT-4  

  • :-)

    By Blogger JAL, at Thu Oct 16, 09:23:00 am GMT-4  

  • yay!

    By Blogger kimsch, at Thu Oct 16, 10:45:00 am GMT-4  

  • That's so cool!

    By Blogger Bekah, at Thu Oct 16, 10:47:00 am GMT-4  

  • "Country First", indeed. The rest of the world can go to the Marines.

    Vicks, you are fighting for a nice guy in an evil party. That is always disturbing, I think. :)

    By Blogger El Kot, at Thu Oct 16, 05:24:00 pm GMT-4  

  • El kot is fightiong for --- a socialist /communist? in a party of people which crucifies a blue color worker who wants to get ahead without being taxed into the ground who gets interrupted playing catch wth his kid and asks BO a question -- the answer of which reveals the real scoop that in BO's world and presidency no one's hard earned work is their own.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    And no lectures on "evil" parties when you look at what the Dems have been doing to the Palins and Joe. Sick. And in violation of their PRIVACY.*

    By Blogger JAL, at Thu Oct 16, 08:26:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Sorry Victoria. Rained on the parade. :-(

    I just won't post anymore until I can be more civil.

    It's great that you are going to get to go to the rally ... wish there were one near me.


    By Blogger JAL, at Thu Oct 16, 08:28:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Nice!

    I hope Palin makes a surprise appearance just for you.

    Watch out for the unhinged opposition looking to stir things up.

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Thu Oct 16, 09:42:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Can't wait to read you thoughts on it!

    By Blogger knox, at Fri Oct 17, 05:41:00 pm GMT-4  

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