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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Word About This Blog

I have recently read a reply by one of the readers here, and I'd like to take a moment to clarify what this blog is about, what kind of speech is tolerated by me, and what I can offer the readership in return.

Sundries started as a blog about nothing.

As my friend José Aguirre said, it's a Seinfeldian blog. It's also been an off-and-on blog since 2005 -- with certain seminal moments bringing my indolent self back.

One was the terrorists' attacks in my hometown, London, in 2005. The other was the Reverend Wright fiasco, in early 2008. But the most recent event that motivated my blogging outpour was when Governor Sarah Palin was selected by Senator McCain to become his running mate on August 29th.

These events propelled me to take up blogging again with a vengeance. I am a deeply patriotic person, with conservative values and politics. I know not all Sundries' readers share my viewpoints, but I would wish for those who don't to respect them.

I am especially eager to provide a nurturing place for people who share my core values, and political viewpoints. Even if you don't agree the following is the case, let me stress that conservatives often feel themselves to be derided, and hounded for their beliefs in a largely liberal culture.

That will never be the case on Sundries.

Anyone who doesn't respect that, will be asked to leave or to retire for a while, no matter how dear they are to me personally.

Let me be clear: teasing, even somewhat abrasive ribbing, that's okay.

But outright animosity and disrespect, such as calling people and/or opposing Parties evil, is not. That is insulting in the extreme, whether from the Left or from the Right.

Another no-go area are conspiracy theories, bandied about from either side.

This blog will never tolerate any kind of conspiracy theory about Senator Barack Obama, and you can't have failed to have noticed that I have not once posted about any alleged "Whitey" tapes by Michelle Obama, nor will you ever see me speculate about the authenticity of Senator Obama's birth certificate, as full-time nutter Philip J. Berg might do.

I think any sentient person realises those are unbelievably ridiculous.

Frankly, such speculation makes me wonder not just about the motivation of people, but I can't help but muse about these peoples' sanity.

Similarly, I will not for one moment allow any 9/11 Trutherism to raise its ugly head here, nor the absolutely disgusting speculation surrounding Trig Palin's birth. These border on the inhuman. If you wish to say such things, please go to a blog which peddles in such conspiracy filth.

I do not pretend to be perfect. I know I am not. But I have my standards, my views, and I do not apologise for them to anyone.

This world is rent asunder enough by animosity towards those who threaten certain viewpoints. I happen to think they are much worse by one side at this moment, as seen by the demonic attacks on Governor Palin and sadly now, Joe the Plumber, but both sides have their miscreants and we all of us know that.

But the difference is that is THERE, and Sundries is HERE.

We can be an oasis of gripes, but never an island of hate. Please respect that or find another blog to contribute to.

Thank you.

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