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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stevens Raus

I've said it earlier, when Governor Palin and Senator McCain called him to resign, but good riddance to bad rubbish -- "Uncle Ted" has finally lost his seat.

The Congress is rife with corruptocrats like Dodd, Frank, Murtha and Jefferson. It does Republicans no good to point to them, when they have such a soiled politician in their own ranks, and a very long serving one, at that.

Hercules might've cleaned the Augean stables in a day, but our legislature will take considerably longer to clean. Today was a good first step, though.

Last thing:

Begich does not strike me as being another Gravel. As even that progressive Mudflats concedes (bitterly), Alaska is still a blood Red State.

UPDATE: Hmm. Just did a quick drive-by around the conservative Blogosphere.

Michelle Malkin says, "Good Riddance To Ted Stevens". Ace of Spades is no less damning: "Convicted Felon And All Round Worthless Piece Of Sh*t Ted Stevens Loses Senate Race". Most of the others haven't had a chance to update their blogs, but it's good to know my sentiments are shared.

Hopefully, it will be the case too with liberal bloggers, in their turn. We live in hope.

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