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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Works For The Holidays

I took this photograph almost a month ago, around the Coral Gables area where my mother has a dear chum. I love the homes in this area (French provincial, in this case) but this is my favourite.

I looked at the photograph closely again, when I got home.

Why, I do believe they hired a crew to photograph their home, perhaps for their Christmas card. The owners must've doled out a pretty penny for this.

I remember visiting the home of a school chum in Massachussetts, when I was a teen. I had been invited for the weekend celebration of her parent's 20th wedding anniversary.

When I arrived, I saw a slew of photographers all around the house.

Their home was being featured in a forthcoming issue of, if memory serves, the glossy Home & Design magazine: it was immaculate to the nth degree inside. I was raised in a museum, well, it seemed that way due to my mother's furniture and antiques mania, but I was very impressed by that. I had rather the same feeling when seeing this house from afar.

P.S.: Oh! I forgot to mention the best part. McCain-Palin sign outside. In fact, this long stretch of road full of similar houses are wall-to-wall McCain-Palin, woo! And don't give me the "of course the rich are in favour of the Republicans". Well do I remember this same road in 2004. Kerry/Edwards as far as the eye could see.

Something is cookin' in Florida, and I'm not sure Obama is going to like it.

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  • I was in Ohio all last week, spent most of my time in a small town north of Dayton. It was packed, PACKED with McCain/Palin signs. I even saw a couple of those "I LIKE HER" signs. It was heartening, but it's sort of a rural area, so not surprising.

    For some reason there aren't many yard signs here in Knoxville this season.

    By Blogger knox, at Sat Nov 01, 09:38:00 am GMT-4  

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