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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sasha Obama's Halloween

Senator Barack Obama was back in Chicago so he could share Halloween with his two girls. He had told Ellen Degeneres that his eldest daughter was going as an "evil fairy", but the little one, Sasha, wanted to dress up as a "corpse bride".

And so it was. Here is the candidate walking alongside (and shooing away reporters) his cute little daughter. Awww.

I think Obama is a very good father. I like that about him.

ADDED: I am not one to make Barack Obama = Jack Kennedy references (in fact, I find those intolerably forced), but that particular shot above reminded me of this one with Eisenhower. It actually won the Pulitzer.

In turn, I was reminded of another photo of him with his Halloween-costumed kids.

Tell me, were the Kennedys ever accused by Democrats of using their ever-present kids as "props"? No? Funny that.

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