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Saturday, January 15, 2005

You know there are too many blogs when

Rhinoceroses have their own blog .

As an opening salvo, we have "Rhinos ready to get it on" followed by a picture of the female rhino, who bears a not unperceived resemblence to Rosie O'Donnell -- that distinguished ex-citizeness of Miami.

Quite coincidentally enough, the cow is called Rosie. And so is the rhino. *boom tish*

Not Maradona, although you can be forgiven getting confused

Local famed zookeeper, Ron Magill, also reminds me of someone else who is famous, although I can't quite place him.

Ron Magill's million watt smile

With his deep-set eyes and toothy grin, he could pass for a Kennedy. Although a Kennedy never passed a rhino without consequences (allegedly).


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