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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Very Small World

Do you know about A Small World?

If answer, no, you're obviously not a person who is under what Evelyn Waugh once called, "that low door in the wall".

See, Small World bills itself as several cuts-above Friendster, and many rungs above even LinkedIn, that Friendster for Professionals, as my chum Jim calls it, half-approvingly.

Prince Kirill of Bulgaria about to take off the bunny slopes of St. Anton

Small World is a community board for café society, where last summer someone asked for a ride to the Côte d'Azur on the next available private jet. Not for themselves, mind, but for their chihuahua. Not surprisingly, a member obliged by next post.

And it goes without saying that nothing to do with that rarified world would be available without a personal invitation. As it says on their front-page blurb:

If you have not received an invitation, you can ask your friends to invite you. If you have no friends who are members yet, you simply need to be patient.

I'm still waiting.


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