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Friday, February 18, 2005

Red Carpet

If you love cinema too, and especially like the tatty extravaganza that are the Oscars every year, then you may want to join this Pick'em league on Yahoo:

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(I request setting your email to VISIBLE)

In the interests of full disclosure, these are my Top Oscar Picks:

Best Picture

C'mon, it's Marty.

Best Actor
Johnny Depp

I think the voting may be very close this year, with Depp, Di Caprio (the favourite), Cheadle, Foxx all extremely able to win the Academy Award by a split victory. I'm going with Depp to succeed Penn as Best Actor. Those are the two most dominant, and most talented actors of their generation, and it would be fitting to succeed one another on the rostrum. Come now, we have to get a politically-charged speech at least once a year. In a perfect world, Don Cheadle would win by an East LA drag-racing mile, though.

Best Actress
Imelda Staunton

Many angles to exploit here: The "character actress done good" angle. The "At least she doesn't have to fear the Oscars' Curse, because no one has ever heard of her anyway" angle. The "We honour Brits as much as Americans 'cause we get to hear nicely spoken English for a change" angle. You know it's true. And not just because I'm British. Well, maybe.

Best Supporting Actor
Jamie Foxx

Having been nominated in two categories actually works against Jamie Foxx. I think the Academy will give him a super-sop with the BSA Award. Collateral was one of the better popcorn films too.

Best Supporting Actress
Cate Blanchett

Cate's due. Did you see her dual-role in Coffee and Cigarettes? Uncanny. Although the best Katharine Hepburn send-up I've ever seen on film was by Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hudsucker Proxy.

Best Director
Martin Scorsese

C'mon, it's Marty.

Best Foreign Film

Ooh! Bruno Ganz-city. After Josef Meinrad died, Bruno Ganz succeeded him as the near-mystical Iffland-Ring wearer (given to the best German-speaking actor of his time, and since Meinrad was Austrian, and Ganz, Swiss, that makes it over 100 years a non-German born actor has worn it, oh the irony!), it could only be up from there.

Best Documentary Feature

A total cop-out after I just said how moving The Story of the Weeping Camel was. But if we have to reward putting your life on the line for your art, literally, then Super Size Me must walk away with Oscar -- because he's too pigged out on Mickey D's to run.

Best Animated Feature

Haven't watched yet, but some friends said it was an intelligent, sensitive kiddie flick. I did watch Shark Tale, and that absolutely stunk. It looked like an underwater version of the Car Wash meets The Sopranos meets Queer as Folk.

Those are my picks.

Not too risky I grant you, but one has to think like the Academy in these matters, and if you can think like a self-satisfied, pompous, tacky organisation of thousands, well, have I got a job for you opposite Joan Rivers.


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