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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Burnt Osama

Someone should make a blog (soon) just about famous people whose likenesses were captured on objects.

You know, a website showing:

- The shape of Richard Nixon's head as it appeared on a potato (I saw that during the Johnny Carson tributes: he apparently had a lady with crisps in funny shapes, and a lady who brought a Tricky Dick spud to his show. Happy Days)

- That recent one of Our Blessed Virgin Mary on toast (of which the Osama one is kind of infidel desecration, especially since it's on rye)

- Mother Teresa's hot buns (eww). This was actually the best one, since the late future saint actually wrote the baker making the buns, and asked them to cease and desist. I think they did, though for all I know, they could be back at it now she's kicked the proverbial bucket

- And in Miami, some lady charged admission to see what she claimed was Our Lady of Guadaloupe's impression on her window. Turned out it was just the play of light on a smudge, although in her defence, it did look like Lupe. And in a typically Miami-esque sequel, a teenage boy was arrested when he decided to take a hose at the thing, and wipe it clean. You can't make things like that up, folks. But you can try

Today, comes news from eBay that the World's Most Wanted Man, Osama Bin Laden, is going to be John Walsh's latest target.

Oh, come on! That could be any dude with a turban and a beard

He's toast.


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