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Monday, February 07, 2005

Fall of Eagles

When Eagles poop

Major brouhaha in the Rio carnival just now, which will be the talk of the town Tuesday around all the water coolers in Brazil (if they had such white trash things in their offices, humph).

As I will explain in tomorrow's wrap-up post about the carnival, each 1st Division Samba School, which parades in the elite 2 days of carnival, Sunday and Monday nights, has a limited amount of time to cross the pasarela of the Sambodromo.

Due to the HUGE massive Eagle float of "Portela" (who hold 21 titles to date, and I think will be adding a 22nd this year after a two decade title-absence...they were that good), breaking down BEFORE entering, their trademark Eagle float was not allowed to parade down the catwalk, and the "Old Guard", made up of the oldest and most traditional members of every school who were to accompany it, were not allowed to walk past -- and most if not all of the Old Guard were in tears.

If you can imagine being poor, being old, being hungry, working the whole year for 80 minutes of happiness, no matter how silly the carnival seems to you in your culture, you have to understand that it means the world to them -- well, that's how they felt when they were told they were barred from parading with the School.

On top of that, the colourful poster of fallen Brazilian U.N. diplomat killed in Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, whose would-be bride was on top of one of the floats, was also not allowed to be displayed in the walk-past.

Que vexáme!


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