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Friday, April 01, 2005


Hourly my mother has been calling me at hospital, telling me, "Nothing yet."

She's not expectant of the Holy Father's passing, in fact, unlike me, she's hopeful that he can survive. And yet, she's glued to the set, awaiting any update with rosary in hand.

Fortunately, we don't have ready access to a set where I am.

I say fortunately because I find this 24-hour coverage the cable news channels have on the Pope's "imminent death" macabre. Dear God, they're like vultures. Prince Charles needn't have muttered under his breath -- they are bloody people.

My thoughts turned toward another April first, and I wondered if the infamous prankster holiday would yet be known for another famous death.

See, on 1 April 1922, in Funchal on the island of Madeira, the last Habsburg Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Karl I died -- alone, without 24/7 coverage, a hasbeen's death.

Some 82 years later, this Pope who lays dying in his 4th floor apartment in the Vatican, beatified him with tremendous fanfare.

I wonder if 82 years will pass before this Pope, who like Kaiser Karl, was an amazingly devout and by all accounts, near saintly man, will be beatified.

Mark me, it'll be much less.


  • Good writing. Keep it up..!!

    By Blogger evuraan, at Sat Apr 02, 02:31:00 am GMT-5  

  • Ah yes, we vulture people ;-) I don't know what's worse having to watch the Pope-24 hr news cycle or having to "make" the Pope-24 news cycle (and the obliteration of my week-end!) althoug the newsroom does flow with a very intense energy - feels like a war started. In the end broadcasters are so completely and utterly affraid that if you change the programming you might go to another Papachannel that they are kind of held hostage by their audience, that's the problem of bein' old sequential media.

    By Blogger patricio lopez, at Sat Apr 02, 07:58:00 am GMT-5  

  • Thank you Evuraan. :)

    I did try going to your blog, but I just saw a superimposed (but very pretty) husband and wife silhouette.

    The Missus, I take it? ;)


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Sat Apr 02, 06:05:00 pm GMT-5  

  • Patricio, Patricio. If I had a dime for every time someone said, "Ah those doctors -- I hate them!", I would be in Fortune 500. ;)

    But seriously, it's a dual-edged sword isn't it? At once, I am glued to the set the moment I get home, even if I've seen the same moving pictures on the Pope's life now 30 times.

    And yet, I dare criticise the very people, like yourself, who make it happen.

    Such is life.

    However, thanks for sacrificing your weekend for us, the critiquing rabble!


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Sat Apr 02, 06:06:00 pm GMT-5  

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