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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Don't Get Mad, Win Games

September 11 will forever mark a moment in American history which is seered into a nation's memories.

It is a day of mourning, but also of dedication, in both this word's meanings -- that of remembrance and of effort.

It is this reason that I really felt happy when something quite banal happened today, which may not mean much to most, but it seemed like perfect symmetry to a day honouring American tragedies.

Today, the much beleaguered New Orleans Saints won with a last-gasp field-goal in the season opener versus the defensive-minded, Carolina Panthers.

And across the country, in New York City, home to those two Twin Towers which had been the love-hate object of a whole city, one group of fans rejoiced at their team's stellar performance: the New York Giants pounded the Arizona Cardinals.

Even Nick Saban, the new coach of the Miami Dolphins, had some disaster-city magic rubbed off on him, as this former Louisiana State University coach led his new team, the Miami Dolphins to a rousing victory -- all the while, whilst his wife Terry collected moneys outside of Dolphin Stadium, to send to the victims of the Imperfect Storm.

In the great scheme of things, these little victories may not mean much.

But when cities are down for the count, struggling with an emotional impasse only a huge, unimaginable tragedy can bring, these are the very fillips which reinvigorate a people.

They may not be fans of a given team, the NFL, or even be sport fans, per se.


What these victories mean instead is normality.

That no matter how bitter a pill life has dealt one, life goes on. Life progresses. And the human spirit prevails.

There may be no I in Team, but there is certainly an Us in Guts.


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