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Sunday, September 04, 2005

SCOTUS Chief Justice Rehnquist Dead

It's incredible how one expects an event. Knows it is coming sooner than later. And yet...it still hits you hard, out of surprise.

William Rehnquist

More news later.

WEDNESDAY 7 SEPT UPDATE: Will someone please tell CNN to SHUT UP?? Whilst MSNBC and FOX NEWS were respectfully silent as his casket was transferred outside to the waiting limousine to take his body away to his burial place, CNN were yap, yap, yapping about Roberts' nomination, point-and-counterpointing with a panel of experts on the hearings, and even taking viewer emails!! Geez Louise. What a lack of respect these people show, and they did the same thing when the late Pope was buried, so much so that Christiane Amanpour had to be shut up by one of her guests during the Homily at the Funeral. News analysis when a person is in his casket. Ugh.


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