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Thursday, September 01, 2005

International MSM Thursday Reaction

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Mainstream Media never fail us, do they?

It's common during a time of crisis for MSM to perceive themselves as "champions of the people", asking the hard questions the people can't ask at the moment.

Questions like:

- Why is there such catastrophic relief coordination in the world's richest country?
- Why were 400,000 people not evacuated BEFORE Katrina hit, if the levee's were known to be faulty?
- Is the war in Iraq diverting much needed funds for storm relief?
- Why did it take President Bush 2 days to view the affected areas?
- Is this administration guilty of mismanagement, negligence, and lack of preparedness in the face of known trouble?

These are all perfectly valid questions, in themselves innocuous and genuine.

But when a whole newscast is centred around such a tone of finger-pointing, negativity, and frank Bush-bashing for the sake of Bush-bashing, then you have to wonder to yourself -- where is the objectivity here?

The answer is, there is none.

What I described to you above was the entire BBC World News coverage of the Hurricane Katrina news updates.

Again, it's not that these questions can't be asked.

It's that they are woven into a fabric of condemnation because the premise they start with is to condemn, belittle, and tailor stories to show the worst possible light on the current US administration.

Thus, from the natural impulse to find reasons for what is truly a chaotic situation, they tar-and-feather their favourite whipping boy, as usual.

They're not concerned about the local political administration, like say the black Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, who has come under a hail of LOCAL abuse for what some say is his inept handling of the situation, but always hark back to the federal since they can then assign sole blame to the US President.

In point-of-fact, very little could be done POST-FACTO about the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans.

That city is a bowl. It's an accident of this magnitude ready to happen at any time.

What can local or federal government do when 80% of a major US city is under water, without power, lights, sanitary conditions, transportation, or any means of normal modern communication being available?

I always thought that President Bush Sr. was at fault for his tardy response to those of us who had to endure months and months of post-Andrew misery.

But now I realise, when you have such an event wipe out normal life as we know it, you just can't barrel in with money and expect things to go right immediately.

(If that were the case, Appalachia today would be swimming in prosperity after billions and billions of dollars spent in the region. They're the same cesspool of misery that they always have been, because it's not about money ONLY)

It took the National Guard a week to arrive in South Florida with relief supplies because roads were impassable, and live power cables made helicopter rescue impossible.

Blaming one single individual for the wrath of nature is nothing more than simplistic punching bag tactics.

The problem is, instead of learning, MSM will do this time and time again.

And unfortunately, the BBC are just the tip of the biased iceberg.

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