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Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans (And Fats Domino) On My Mind

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When I heard that famed R&B musician and rock-n-roll pioneer, Fats Domino, long-time New Orleans resident, was still missing since Sunday night, I was incredibly sad.

UPDATE (WIKIPEDIA): Oh no. It might be that Fats, his wife Rosemary and daughter all perished in their pink-roofed, three-story, 9th Ward New Orleans home.

When Hurricane Katrina was approaching New Orleans in August 2005, Domino chose to stay at home with his wife, Rosemary, and their daughter. On September 1, Al Embry, his agent, announced that he had not heard from Domino since before the hurricane had struck. His pink-roofed three-story house was located in New Orleans’ 9th ward, an area that is heavily flooded. A recovery team dispatched to the flooded residence removed the bodies of three unidentified individuals. No positive identification has been made, but the team said they believe it to be the missing family.

Awful news for world culture in general, and all who remember him in particular. Let's hope against hope it's not true.

But this got me to thinking:

What next for New Orleans?

That city plays an uncommonly important role in the collective psyche of the world.

Everyone knows it as the birthplace of jazz, that singlular American art form which was the synchopation of white, black and creole cultures which produced the first true modern musical genre.

Jazz WAS the Twentieth Century personified: vibrant, alive, mish-mashed, dangerous, decadent, and oh so wonderful.

New Orleans has long been considered, next to Detroit perhaps, as America's most crime-ridden city, so it's little wonder that the troubles we see today -- some of which have, however, been exaggerated or reported already as urban legends -- are happening there, and say, didn't happen in Homestead, Florida after Hurricane Andrew.

You can't get a more poverty-attacked city than Homestead, with a very heavy crime-rate because of the indigent and the immigrant meeting at that redneck crossroads.

But you didn't see the calamitous violence we saw today in New Orleans erupt there, did we?

So, I don't know what next for New Orleans.

One of my favourite wax museums is there, and well do I remember the waxworks of the two Marie Laveaux, the famed black mother-and-daughter voodoo priestesses shown there. And Jean Lafitte meeting General Andy Jackson just before the battle of New Orleans!

Surely, surely, this can't be gone forever??

Right now, I'd settle for some delicious Beignets at the Cafe du Monde.

To my slight surprise, the Cafe du Monde homepage is working. It might be that they are hosted outside of New Orleans.

Or it might be that despite everything, the best of New Orleans will win the day.

UPDATE: CraigsList New Orleans is working overtime to rejoin loved ones, and to provide information on refugee relocation. Check it out.

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