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Thursday, September 01, 2005

September 11 and Katrina

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No politics, yes, by all means. But this below is about history, more than anything else.

September 11 marked a watershed event in world history.

There was not a single person who had television access that day, who didn't watch that nauseatingly Hollywoodesque scene of two planes hitting the Twin Towers in New York City, and who wasn't affected in some way by that tragedy.

Included amongst those were the US President, George W. Bush, who in the 8 months since his swearing-in, had not done much to make himself come alive to the people he now led.

Then the Twin Towers fell, the Pentagon was attacked, the whole world were with open mouths, and his famous words standing amongst the rubble in downtown Manhattan rang like a lightning bolt of defiance: "Soon the whole world will hear you".

And though I realise there is more at stake in 9/11 than just national concerns, I wonder:

Will Katrina and the way her aftermath is handled by this administration, come to mean more to Americans' view of their country, than 9/11 did?

I ask because this Hurricane story isn't going away.

We'll have to deal with the consequences daily. Think about it -- we'll have hourly 24-hour news coverage about:

- The rescue efforts
- The relocation of refugees all over the US
- The National Guard deployments
- Army Corps of Engineers rebuilding of levees
- The petrol/gas crisis
- The slow reconstruction, many months still ahead, of New Orleans
- The daily stories of survival in the Gulf States
- The celebrity angles, as the more renowned Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama sons and daughters pour out their stories

Everything to date, with the exception of the actual airplanes on 9/11, are visual cues outside the United States.

But here is a story that hits us in our very guts.

Andrew was bad, yes.

But Katrina left two US states looking like Bangladesh, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined.

This is history in the making before our eyes, in our backyards. Suddenly, the world is upside down again.

BLOGATHON POST #1, 9:00 AM EDT: Welcome To The Katrina Relief Blogathon (Thanks Sara via Instapundit, for linking to this post!)


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