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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Third World

I've lived in the so-called Third World, and I know what deprivations are like, even to the spoilt like me.

But living through the sheer physical stress and misery of a hurricane, as it makes it's SLLOOOOOWWW way through your home, a storm which lasts 8 hours of intense rain, ghostly sounds, and nauseatingly strong winds is indescribable.

And then comes the aftermath, which saps your energy to overcome the destruction which inevitably follows.

I've now lived through three Acts of God:

  • Hurricane

  • Earthquake

  • Tornado

  • And am only missing:

  • Tsunami

  • Volcano Eruption

  • Somehow, as bad as Hurricane Katrina was -- and she was child's play compared to Hurricane Andrew, or her more recent cat 5 incarnation --, I think God is saving the best for last...

    My thoughts are with you, Nawrleans.


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