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Friday, August 19, 2005

Eins Benedetto! Zwei Benedetto!

Only a German Pope could begin a visit to his homeland with a Teutonic crowd-control countdown.

I'll be blogging about it in depth later Friday, since I am watching the recording I made today of EWTN's full-day coverage (to my surprise, none of the news cable stations covered the story live -- giving preference to the dramatic scenes in Israel today; understandable, if disappointing for people like me).

Meanwhile, here are two photos which captured some of the delightfully accident-prone spirit of the day.

I don't think I've ever seen Pope Benedict smile such a wide smile, he being a very retiring, even fragile man, than I did today.

Come on.

Gerald Ford (or Chevy Chase) couldn't get pics like that taken of them.

It augurs well for plummetting Saturday Night Live Nielsen ratings, I think.

This may be why the UK teen glossy magazine, Bravo!, which usually gives away posters of Britney Spears and pop-tarts like that, had such a favourable response, when they included a Pope Benedict XVI poster in their foldout edition.

I can't wait to put mine next to my poster of Theo Fleury and John Travolta shooting up in Pulp Fiction.

More later.


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